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Since Chatham's inception as the Pennsylvania Female College in 1869, we've carried the banner of women's leadership. Founded to provide women an education comparable to other first-class institutions of the day, Chatham has advanced this cause to foster the qualities that make women natural leaders and provide opportunities for growth as leaders at every point possible. From athletics to student groups to academic centers and students' undergraduate senior tutorials, Women at Chatham University are encouraged to explore their passions, ask questions, and work with others to achieve their goals. The result? Chatham alumni have gone on to become CEOs, politicians, business owners, leading cause advocates, and the founding voices for entire movements.

With this mission engrained in our culture, the legacy of women's leadership extends to our current students and beyond. The opportunities for leadership are woven throughout Chatham, and as we continue to grow as a university, our commitment to furthering women's leadership and causes will remain at the core of what a Chatham education offers.

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New Chatham University Women's Institute To Be Established With $8.5 Million Dollars In Funding

Chatham University Women's Institute

Chatham University was founded in 1869 to address one of the great social inequalities of that time: lack of access to quality higher education for women. While access to higher education is no longer a central issue for the majority of women today, women still face social inequality and challenges on many fronts, including in business and the workforce, in government and politics, and in areas of health and wellness.

In keeping with Chatham University's leadership and historic commitment to women and women's issues, Chatham will establish the Chatham University Women's Institute in 2014. Read more.


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