Chatham University

Integrated Degree Program

Earn your spot for a graduate degree from day one.

It goes without saying that both job markets and graduate degree programs are increasingly more competitive, and especially so in certain fields like the health sciences. Every chance you have to make yourself - and your credentials - more competitive is important. So that's why Chatham has made getting a leg up with an advanced degree clearer, quicker, and more affordable with the Integrated Degree Program (IDP).

When students declare an IDP interest, they align themselves with certain benefits that have significant academic and financial value:

  1. Guaranteed admission to Chatham's increasingly competitive graduate programs like Physician Assistant Studies, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy;
  2. Ability to take graduate classes during their senior year of undergraduate studies;
  3. Opportunity to complete bachelor's and master's degree programs sooner, in some cases earning both in as little as five years; and
  4. Significant cost savings as compared to traditional master's completion.

Download the Integrated Degree Program Onesheet for more information about program requirements, recommended undergraduate/graduate program combinations, eligibility, and transfer student admission.


School of Health Sciences

School of Arts, Science, & Business

Falk School of Sustainability

Benefits of the IDP

  • Reserved placements in Chatham's competitive School of Health Sciences graduate programs
  • Maintain your undergraduate scholarship and tuition rates up to 120 credits into your undergraduate career.
  • Cost savings can equal 30% compared to earning degrees separately.
  • Up to 12 credits double-count toward your bachelor's and master's degree completion.
  • Six years of education completed in as little as five years.
  • A one-year head start in the workforce as compared to your peers in other master's degree programs.
  • An opportunity for increased earning potential and greater responsibility.


In addition to graduate programs at Chatham, we have partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to offer additional programs for our IDP students. You will receive your bachelor's degree from Chatham and your master's degree from one of our partner institutions.

H. John Heinz III College at Carnegie Mellon University

During your junior year at Chatham, you can apply to any of these Heinz College programs:

Once accepted, you will take courses at both Chatham and the Heinz College during your senior year.

The Graduate Admission Process

In your Junior year at Chatham (end of sophomore year for teaching), you will formally apply to the graduate program of your choice. If accepted, you will begin to supplement some of your undergraduate courses with graduate level coursework during your Senior year.

If you have any questions, please reach out to an admissions counselor at 800-837-1290.