Chatham University

Details for Artists

Required Exhibition Materials

The Artist will provide:

  1. Artwork that is ready to be hung/installed for the entire exhibition period. Please deliver or ship work 5 days prior to the gallery opening.
  2. Exhibition artist statement or exhibition statement: include the names of exhibitors, title of the exhibition, cost sheet, itemized list of selected artwork to include: title, media, scale, price and artists name (label content) and images of your work that you would like to be send through web-based promotion and campus wide e-announcements. Please provide your statement one week prior to your exhibition.
  3. Biographical information or CV of the artist(s) for promotional purposes

Exhibition Scheduling

  1. The CUAG exhibition schedule is set by the CUAG Advisory Board. Proposals for student exhibitions, exhibitions of faculty work, faculty-curated exhibitions, or from artists outside the Chatham community will normally be reviewed in July.
  2. The schedule will be finalized by mid-July; after this time no major alterations are normally permitted. Also at this time, the exhibition’s title should be finalized, a brief description of its theme and content written, and the date of the opening reception selected. This information should be submitted to the Advisory Committee before the end of July.
  3. Each term, time will be set aside for merit-based tutorial exhibitions and for approved exhibitions of student class/curated work if the schedule allows.
  4. With the exception of tutorials and exhibitions of student work, the standard running time for an exhibition is 3 weeks.
  5. Artists and curators will normally have 24-48 hours to install an exhibition before the scheduled opening date. Normally, works must be removed and the gallery returned to its original state within 24-48 hours of the exhibition’s closing date. If a show closes on Friday the space should be available for use by 9 am the following day. We ask that installation and deinstallation take place between 9am and 9pm and that the Gallery Assistant member of the CUAG Advisory Committee is contacted to make arrangements for installation and de-installation of the exhibit.
  6. Lights must be set by the College Electrician. To schedule the electrician, a work order should be filed with Physical Plant 72 hours in advance, specifying the time and date the electrician is needed.

Event Scheduling

  1. CUAG welcomes the use of the gallery space for receptions and other events. Please schedule your event through the CUAG Advisory Committee.
  2. Food may not be served in the gallery, although guests are welcome to carry food and drinks into the gallery from tables set up in the vestibule.
  3. Empty plates and cups or leftover food must be removed from the gallery promptly after an event. It is up to the discretion of the artist/curator if food and drink will be allowed in the gallery space during the opening reception. A cleaning fee will be levied for those not maintaining the space upon the conclusion of the reception.
  4. Set-ups are coordinated through Physical Plant. Please inform the CUAG Advisory Committee of your planned set-up. The set-up should not endanger or involve moving works of art. "Heavy" set-ups, such as large furniture or multiple chairs, are discouraged because they can scratch the floor, although arrangements can be made if such a set-up is required. Please encourage Physical Plant to place the set-up as close to the beginning of the event as possible and to remove it promptly following the event. The gallery is a public space open each weekday and most set-ups disrupt the aesthetic experience.


The CUAG can provide:

  1. Designated time and place for approved exhibition
  2. Visitor Parking Pass (1-2 Day Passes) for gallery installation
  3. Work study or gallery assistant to help with installation and deinstallation.
  4. A floor plan of the gallery
  5. The main gallery space
  6. Track lighting
  7. Labels (formatted text provided by artists)
  8. Daily opening and closing of the gallery, turning on the lights
  9. Installation advice
  10. Hanging system
  11. Exhibitions have a campus wide e-announcement.
  12. Building Security
  13. Wall signage and a title board with exhibition name with accompanying curator or artist statement

The CUAG cannot provide:

  1. Funds for mailing and/or promotional materials. Press releases can be arranged by the artists through the Office of College Communications
  2. Funds for an opening reception for anyone except Chatham students and faculty. CUAG Advisory Committee should be informed of any preparations for reception/ food service. Parkhurst provides food on campus.
  3. Media equipment (VCR, DVD player, monitor, sound equipment, etc.). Artists may, however, discuss this with the CUAG Advisory Committee.

Gallery Limitations

  1. Gallery walls, doors, windows, floor, and ceiling may not be painted. Artwork may only be suspended from wall tracks with approved hanging system. Any other methods must be approved by the committee.
  2. Artists and curators must use the rod and rail hanging system and refrain from putting holes in the walls or ceiling with nails, using Velcro, or anything else that might damage the walls or ceiling. No nails.
  3. Only blue tape may be used for labels or other text materials or works on paper.
  4. While blinds can darken the space for video projections, etc., safety is a priority. A clear and easy to navigate floor plan is required.
  5. The installation may not cover the entrance to the Olkes display space, nor are other works of art normally permitted in the Olkes space.
  6. Exhibition participants may incur expenses for non-compliance or damages in the amount of restoration costs determined by the Chatham University Facilities staff.
  7. Minimal storage of shipped work is available for the week prior and following exhibition and the duration of the exhibition itself.
  8. Applicants are responsible for documentation for their own personal archives.
  9. Chatham University cannot insure the works at listed insured value. You are loaning your work to the CUAG and the University of Chatham to be shown at your own risk.


  1. Security will open the gallery on weekends and in the evening for the purpose of installation. For students and artists or curators who are not part of the Chatham community, a yellow "Room Access Permission Slip" is required and must be provided to Security. Permission slips are available from the CUAG Advisory Committee
  2. Gallery Hours - Open from 10:00am - 10:00pm, Monday-Friday.
  3. The gallery is a non-profit enterprise. If exhibiting artists wish to sell their works they may make copies of a list of prices to place in the gallery. The university collects 20% of the proceeds from sales for the sole purposes of gallery maintenance, exhibition and gallery related expenditures. Prices may not be posted on the wall or included on the object labels.
  4. It is up to the discretion of CUAG advisory board to omit or amend exhibition or works on loan. CUAG can work with gallery assistant to install exhibition works.
  5. The advisory board reserves the right to review and screen prior to the opening of any exhibition or remove any part that may be inappropriate for Chatham University Art Gallery public display.
  6. The gallery coordinator and the CUAG Advisory Committee reserves the right to amend or edit said floor plans and arrangement of art to accommodate the works of art in an exhibition. We will do our best to communicate and work with guest artists. We realize that the floor plan and spacing are tools that aide in exhibition planning- but that last minute modification may present the work in its best form.
  7. In the event that the exhibitor should cancel their exhibit, the CUAG Advisory Committee reserves the right to offer the gallery to another person or persons. Priority of Gallery space is given to those applicants who are affiliated with the University.