Chatham University

Graduate Assistantship Positions Falk School of Sustainability

Food Studies & Dual Food Studies/MBA

Food Systems Policy Assistant

This assistant will provide support for research and community work related to local food systems policy analysis and advocacy. Working with city and county government, local non-profits, businesses, and academic partners, assistant will help develop a food system assessment for the city and specific communities within. The assistant will support the faculty member in providing data analysis and policy briefs on food and agriculture issues in the region. (Dr. Julier)

Food Hub Research Assistant

This assistant will work with the faculty to conduct surveys, library research, and informational interviews related to ongoing research on the topic of food hubs. The assistant will develop and may present workshops related to food hubs, and will help develop a guidebook and assessment tools for outreach and future research on the topic. (Dr. Julier)

Pedagogy Research Assistant

This assistant will work with the Food Studies faculty to on pedagogy and experiential learning. Work will include gathering and analyzing data on pedagogical practices; conducting literature reviews; managing logistics for research processes; and assisting with other aspects of research as needed. (Dr. Lehrer and Dr. Murakami)

Community Research Assistant

This assistant will focus on the development of programs and events connecting coursework and community development for the Food Studies program. The assistant will coordinate and help execute an ongoing series of activities for the program, as well as plan and organize events related to food or sustainable agriculture for both Chatham and the local community. This may include (but is not limited to) conferences, workshops, speakers, film viewings, and community discussions. (Dr. Julier)

Project Assistant

This assistant will support the food studies faculty in organizing thesis submissions, including setting up and maintaining a database of final research projects. The assistant will also assistant with organizing speaker events and workshops for the food studies program. (Dr. Julier and Dr. Lehrer)

Eden Hall Agroecology Research Assistant

This assistant will work with the faculty to coordinate Chatham research projects on the Eden Hall campus. Responsibilities include (1) comparative research on the ecosystem services provided by different forms of urban to rural agriculture; (2) participatory research with community stakeholders designed to enhance the sustainability of agro-ecological systems, and (3) agro-ecological experiments at the Eden Hall Campus. Tasks include some farm and garden work in order to learn the basics of sustainable agriculture, and a summary analysis of the status of various projects at Eden Hall. (Dr. Murakami)

Teaching Assistant

This individual will assist the faculty with teaching responsibilities, research activities, and administrative tasks. Specific responsibilities include assisting with course preparation and management; grading; assisting professors during class time; providing students with feedback outside of class time; and conducting literature reviews. There will also be opportunities to lead classes and develop course content. (Professor Seidel)

Sustainability & Dual Sustainability/MBA

Projects and Events Coordinator

This graduate assistant will assist the Dean in organizing speaker events and workshops for the Falk School of Sustainability, mostly at the Eden Hall campus. The assistant will also set up and maintain a database of student implemented projects within the school, which will include descriptive material and photographs to be used in publicizing the projects through web stories and display posters. (Dr. Walker)

Environmental Justice Assistant

This assistant will support engagement with communities and with community-based social profit organizations working on environmental justice and community development issues. It will also support research and education opportunities in environmental justice and community development. Original research will look at solutions that communities have deployed to address specific problems, and will assess the strategies and alliances that communities are currently pursuing to address issues like air and water pollution, lead contamination, and brownfield redevelopment. The goal of this research is to identify the strategies and alliances that have worked best at the local level, and to map out resources and unmet needs. The assistant will also support educational opportunities such as identifying and coordinating student projects related to both classes and research. (Dr. Saez)

Environmental Economics & Policy Assistant

This position will support several research projects in environmental economics and policy: (1) the use of herbicides in the agriculture of Costa Rica; (2) issues in cap-and-divided policies to reduce climate change; and (3) the development of sustainable agriculture in Cuba. This assistant will support research and educational opportunities in and around these topics, with original research looking at the relationship between farm size, family farmers, and weed control; the income generated by rebating pollution permit revenues to taxpayers; and the relation between forms of production and the use of industrial and organic technologies in Cuban agriculture. (Dr. Saez)

Sustainable Business and Green Innovations Assistant

This graduate assistant will support research and education opportunities in the areas of sustainable business and green innovation. Original research will look at the methods that local small and medium sized businesses use to manage their businesses sustainably. Research on green innovation seeks to identify drivers for successful innovative product adoption. The assistant will also support educational opportunities such as identifying and coordinating student projects related to classes and research. (Dr. Macagno)

Quantitative and Field Ecology Assistant

This graduate assistant will be interested in quantitative and field ecology, and assisting in research to support the various initiatives at Eden Hall and the surrounding terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The assistant will provide support with field work, data analysis and management, protocol drafting, and logistical planning associated with multiple initiatives. Opportunities to apply learned skills towards a thesis or capstone project are associated with this position, pending student interest. (Dr. Utz)

Aquaculture and Aquatic Ecology Assistant

The graduate assistant will support research projects and education opportunities related to the Eden Hall Aquaculture Laboratory, including: (1) food fish production and development of alternative feeds; (2) aquaponic culture systems; and (3) ecotoxicology and other ecological investigations focusing on native aquatic flora and fauna. Associated responsibilities will include regular water quality monitoring and system maintenance, food preparation and feeding, disease monitoring and control, and assistance with teaching laboratory preparation on an as-needed basis. Opportunities to develop novel research pathways leading to individual thesis or capstone projects utilizing laboratory systems and resources are available, based on student interest. (Dr. Weitzell)

Eden Hall Campus Assistant

This assistant with work with the Executive Director and Dean of the Eden Hall campus on issues related to campus development and advancement. Specific duties will be to assist in the creation of a community-based docent program for Eden Hall working with volunteers from the region and alumni of Chatham; supporting the work of campus working groups and task forces; creating a guidebook for Eden Hall gardens and meadows; and aiding with programming by members of the Shadyside and Eastside campuses. (Dean Caliguiri)