Chatham University

Graduate Assistantship Positions School of Health Sciences - Psychology

Graduate Teaching & Research Fellowship (2 positions)

Teaching and Research Assistants will assist faculty in the Doctor of Psychology, Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, and Master of Arts in Psychology programs. Responsibilities include teaching, research activities, and administrative tasks. Specifically, students will assist with course preparation/maintenance; assist professors during class time; provide students with feedback outside class time; and conduct literature reviews. (Dr. Jill Cyranowski)

Research Assistant, Pennsylvania Center for Women & Politics

This assistant will help support The Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics in its data collection and research activities. With direction and supervision, this individual will assist in data collection and analysis, writing, and research related to women in politics and public policy in Pennsylvania. (Dr. Jennie Sweet-Cushman)

Teaching Fellow (open to third year PsyD students)

This position will co-teach a master's psychology course with a faulty member. Responsibilities include co-developing a syllabus for the course that is consistent with program expectations; provide partial instruction in the classroom, including lecture and supervision of activities and role-plays in class; evaluation of student performance on assignments and activities; assistance in assigning final grades. (Dr. Jill Cyranowski)

Graduate Research Assistant, Psychology

This assistant will help support the psychology department in its data collection and research activities, including data analysis, writing, and research (Dr. Mary Jo Laughlin)