Chatham University

Graduate Assistantship Positions School of Arts, Science & Business


Cell & Tissue Biology Assistant

This position will aid Dr. Appasamy in her research on the development and evolution of the immune system. Responsibilities will include maintaining and organizing the research lab, and caring for tadpoles and frogs. Strong preference will be given to a student who has some previous research experience, particularly in the areas of molecular and cell biology, and/or immunology. (Dr. Pirette Appasamy)

Research Assistant, Block and Dubé Laboratories

This position will involve research for the Block Laboratory, which studies the cell biology of neurotransmitter function, and the Dubé laboratory, which studies skeletal muscle and hepatic biology. This assistant will be involved in routine laboratory procedures as well as planning and execution of sophisticated experiments. (Dr. Ethan Block)

Teaching Assistant, Biology (multiple positions)

Teaching Assistants will assist will assist faculty in the Master of Science in biology program. Specific responsibilities include: assisting with course preparation/maintenance, assisting professors during class time, and providing students with feedback outside class time. (Dr. Michael Collyer)

Business & Entrepreneurship

Faculty Assistant, Business and Entrepreneurship

This position will focus on supporting the faculty in both research and teaching. Tasks may include data entry, data collection, data management, manuscript preparation and editing, and instructional materials building in the Moodle environment. (Dr. Rachel Chung)

Graduate Assistant, Student Accounts Office (open to Master of Accounting students)

This position will focus on supporting the Student Accounts Office. Tasks may include data entry, collection, and management. (Julie Bechtold)

Promotions & Social Media Coordinator

This position will work with the B&E Team for Social Media management (WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, weekly newsletter, Moodle, Trello, bulletin boards). The job involves developing content; interviewing and following up with students, faculty, alumni, etc.; researching, formatting, editing, posting, and tracking progress; assisting with events, including the developing flyers, planning events, inviting attendees, promoting events to classmates, and attending event. (Ginger Polozoff)

Chatham Physician Assistant Program/Allegheny Health Network Assistantship

This graduate assistant, under the direction of the Manager of Health Science Education for Allegheny Health Network, will serve as the primary point of contact for preceptors and students of Chatham's Physician Assistant program. The assistant will act as an advisor for the Physician Assistant council; assist in coordination of placements for physician assistant students; assist with the creation of professional development opportunities for physician assistant students, including educational seminars and mentorship programs; and maintain an inventory of program-wide reports and data. This graduate assistant will be selected from the pool of incoming MBA students. (Jessica Anderson, Associate Director of Clinical Education)

Communications and Professional Writing

Graduate Research Assistant, Communication

The position involves working with communication faculty on their ongoing research projects, including but not limited to: library research, interviewing and data collection, running focus groups, attending conferences and presenting academic work, and descriptive statistical analysis. While prior experience in qualitative or quantitative research is not necessary, it is certainly a plus. This assistantship is particularly suited for those students interested in pursuing doctoral studies. (Dr. Katie Cruger)

Managing Editor, Online Publication

Launched in Spring 2018, Best Practices in Strategic Communication is the online publication of Chatham University's Communication and Professional Writing Master's Programs. Publishing new content weekly, Best Practices offers tips for freelance and professional writers, advice for delivering presentations, social media strategy, and case studies in Strategic Communication. The managing editor is responsible for developing and maintaining the editorial calendar, recruiting writing staff, editing pieces before they are published, and increasing readership through promotional efforts. The position is a commitment of 10 hours per week during fall and spring semesters. This is an excellent opportunity for a student currently working as a professional writer, journalist, communication strategist, or copy editor, or for students aspiring to such a career. (Dr. Katie Cruger)

Social Marketing Director

In Fall of 2018, Chatham University's graduate and undergraduate communication students will premier the first student run strategic communication agency focused specifically on social marketing (that is, using the traditional tools and techniques of advertising, public relations, and marketing in order to work for the social good. The graduate Social Marketing Director Fellow serves as managing director of the agency during both Fall and Spring semesters. This involves coordinating the "staff" of graduate and undergraduate students, assigning tasks, assuring that the agency meets deadlines, interfacing with clients, and approving overall strategy for projects. This position is ideal for graduate students currently working or planning to work in Public Relations, Marketing, or in communication positions at a nonprofit organization. It requires excellent leadership, organization, and communication skills. (Dr. Katie Cruger)

Creative Writing

Graduate Teaching Fellowship - Creative Writing (2 positions)

The individuals awarded with these positions will assist professors with undergraduate creative writing classes, teaching in the Words Without Walls program in the Allegheny County Jail, and possible work in the writing center. Competitive applicants for these positions will have experience providing instruction, particularly of creative writing, in the classroom or workshop environment. (Dr. Sheryl St. Germain)

Margaret Lehr Whitford '07 Fellowship

The individual selected for this position will take a leadership role in the MFA student organization, representing the students at the MFA Council meetings and the MFA program at the Graduate Student Council meetings. The Whitford Fellow is responsible for coordinating the Word Circus reading series - a monthly reading series which features four MFA students followed by an open mic. Additionally, this individual will serve as a liaison between the students and faculty. (Dr. Sheryl St. Germain)

Words Without Walls Fellowship

The individual awarded with this position will provide teaching instruction in the Words Without Walls program in the Allegheny County Jail, the State Correctional Institute - Pittsburgh, and/or Sojourner House. Competitive applicants for this position will have experience providing instruction in a traditional or alternative spaces especially. This position comes with a $10,000 per year award in remitted tuition.


Research Assistant, MA in Teaching

This position will include providing support for research and creative activity of faculty or projects within the Master of Arts in Teaching program, as well as researching and assisting with grant proposals for the program or individual faculty members. (Dr. Kristin Harty)

Research Assistant, Special Education

This position will include providing support for research and creative activity of faculty or projects within the Special Education program, as well as researching and assisting with grant proposals for the program or individual faculty members. (Dr. Kristin Harty)

Film & Digital Technology

Digital Video Specialist (2 positions)

The Digital Video Specialist will provide audio and video production services for the university, with the primary job responsibility being to record and edit events, lectures, and speakers on campus. The position may also take on more elaborate video productions for recruitment, publicity, or other university purposes. The production process involves not only shooting and editing, but also capturing, transferring, compressing, uploading and delivering videos to departments that make requests for such productions. The graduate assistant must also act as producer, and maintain communication with the requesting department as their client. (Dr. Kristen Shaeffer)

Interior Architecture

Graduate Teaching Fellowship

This position will serve in a support capacity for assisted teaching in graphic design and visual communications. The selected individual will need to have earned an Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design/Visual Communications, sufficient writing skills and strong graphic design sensibilities to enhance student graphic communication and presentation skills. Professional work experience in graphic design is also encouraged. (Dr. Kyra Tucker)


Global Focus Project Manager

The Global Focus program designs, implements, and carries out year-long academic and social programming for the benefit of the entire Chatham community and the residents of the greater Pittsburgh area. Due to the very nature of international education, we also deal with the permanent necessity to establish partnerships and cooperation agreements with schools and other institutions throughout the region/country/world. Tasks of this position range from conducting research on the history, politics, economics, and cultures of the countries/regions of focus; to helping guarantee curricular integrity when we host high-ranking foreign dignitaries; recruiting foreign (Fulbright) scholars and coordinating their integration in local communities; researching the alternative profiles of potential speakers; developing travel itineraries; and designing and hosting major cultural events open to the public. (Dr. Jean-Jacques Sène)