Chatham University

Welcome to Chatham University!

We are very excited to welcome you to Chatham University and the great experiences that await you as a graduate student or continuing and professional studies student!  Soon you will be hearing from your program director about an Orientation that is program specific to you, but we wanted to take a few moments to welcome you and share with you our top 10 suggestions for maximizing your experience at Chatham University:

Top 10 suggestions for new graduate students:

  1. 1. Check the Graduate Student Experience website:
    Visit to learn about activities and resources at Chatham University.

  2. 2. Get to know: Your program directors and PROGRAM faculty. They can offer help and advice and will be a critical component to your success at Chatham. Your College Dean and The Dean of Students WILL help Too. If you are confused or need help… ASK for it!

  3. 3. Live on campus and enjoy the ease of walking to classes or the shuttle and live amongst other Chatham graduate students. It’s the most fun and convenient place to live in the city!

  4. 4. Do not get overwhelmed by Chatham emails but instead check your Chatham email account daily. Your Chatham email is your link to the Chatham community. Faculty and staff will send updates frequently, so make sure you check your email daily!

  5. 5. Review the Graduate News Update weekly email
    This email includes activities and resources just for you!

  6. 6.Visit the Jennie King Mellon Library and become familiar with it now! The library offers great resources and is a quiet place to study (which we know is critical for you)!

  7. 7.Review the Student Activities calendar at the beginning of each semester and attend campus events! All events are planned with grad students in mind, especially the monthly Grad Student Social gatherings planned by GSA, Mug Club, and much more.

  8. 8.Gather your friends and compete in intramurals. Every semester we host 4-5 different intramural competitions. This is a great way to release stress and get involved on campus.

  9. 9. Visit the Café Rachel & Pub with your new classmates! It’s the best spot to hit up between or after classes.

  10. 10.Become familiar with my.Chatham. is your personal page for everything Chatham: The menu at the dining hall, events happening on campus, and much more!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to campus! More information detailing the events of Graduate Student Orientation will be available closer to matriculation. Keep a lookout for information from your Academic Program Director for information regarding your specific program orientation.