Chatham University

Student Leadership Programs

Part of the culture of Chatham University is the tradition of classes. There is a tight bond between members of each graduating class. The class bond is facilitated through a number of activities where the class members participate in service, traditions, and have a lot of fun of course!


    Each class has six officer positions which are re-elected each academic year.

    President: The Class President is the leader of one's class. Each Class President also serves on the Chatham Student Government (CSG) Executive Board and is responsible for chairing one committee and holding four office hours a week. The President works with other class officers to plan class events and Battle Of The Classes (BOTC) activities. Class Presidents may be called to speak and attend campus-wide events representing their respective classes.

    Vice President: In addition to serving as a Senator in CSG, the Class VP is responsible for aiding the president plan and execute all class events and BOTC activities.

    Secretary/Treasurer: In addition to serving as a Senator in CSG, the Class Secretary–Treasurer is responsible for maintaining communication within one's class and keeping all monetary records and forms.

    CSG Representatives: (3 Positions) Class Representatives represent their classes’ voice and opinion to the Student Senate as a Senator.


    Battle of the Classes is a weeklong event where each class competes in several organized events.


    Each undergraduate class is pinned with their colors upon their matriculation to the college. Each year, one of the four colors is passed down from graduating seniors to incoming first years.

Chatham Student Government

The Chatham University Student Government (CSG) is the governing structure that provides an orderly method of government that is representative of all undergraduate students and advocates for the concerns, interests, needs, and welfare of the undergraduate student body at Chatham University.


The Undergraduate Budget Committee is a sub-committee of CSG, responsible for allocating funds for travel and events for Chatham University undergraduate students and student organizations.

Other Student Leadership Programs

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to helping students discover and develop their abilities to lead themselves, their organizations, and their community. The Chatham leadership experience is designed to develop leaders who are socially, intellectually, spiritually, and physically self-actualized, who are grounded in ethics, and who will work courageously to improve the lives of others.


Students attend a guided wilderness adventure that teaches leadership and group development. Students are challenged to work as a team to accomplish tasks and learn the practice of environmental stewardship.


A retention program designed to increase the academic success, professionalism, and leadership skills of students of color at Chatham University. This is a two-year program that provides new (first year, new and Gateway) students of color a mentor, institutional support and a series of co-curricular programming throughout a two-year transition period into college. Through regular monthly meetings, special events as well as semester retreats, members of RISE will have the opportunity to learn and grow as contributing members of the Chatham community.


An annual leadership retreat developed by the Office of Student Affairs for all undergraduate and graduate women of Chatham University. Each year a different theme is chosen. Students are presented with educational sessions, teambuilding and discussion in large and small groups, and the opportunity to improve the campus through using what they learn to make changes with the campus community.

Co-curricular Transcripts

The Co-Curricular Transcript is a comprehensive record of a student's leadership experience and campus involvement throughout their undergraduate career at Chatham University. This supplements an academic transcript.

The Co-Curricular Transcript is a valuable tool for preparing a resume and can be shared with prospective employers and graduate or professional school admissions committees. Also, it is a great document for students to use in reviewing their co-curricular activity goals throughout their college experience.