Chatham University

Getting Started at Chatham: Resources for New Students & New PA Residents

Now that you have been accepted into your program at Chatham, you may feel a sigh of relief, but there are still a few things you need to do before the first day of classes.


Completing Your Admissions Requirements

If your acceptance into your graduate program of interest is conditional upon receipt of all of the paperwork required for full admission, be sure to forward all outstanding materials to the Office of Admissions before your graduate study begins. If you are unsure of what materials have been received by the Office of Admissions, you are welcome to contact your admissions counselor:


Graduate Admissions

Phone: 412-365-1825

You can send outstanding materials to the Office of Admissions at:

Chatham University
Office of Graduate Admissions
Woodland Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
or fax to 412-365-1609


Pay Deposit, Tuition, and Fees

In order to begin setting up your student account at Chatham (email, access to intranet, and Chatham ID), you must pay your deposit. You can pay this deposit online at

There are many options available to pay your tuition and fees at Chatham University. The Office of Student Financial Services can assist you in finding the option most appropriate for you to finance your Chatham University education. For more information, refer to the Office of Student Financial Services website at

You will receive an invoice for your tuition before the beginning of each semester sent out by the Office of Student Accounts. For more information, refer to the Office of Student Accounts’ website at


Graduate Student Housing

Please refer to the Graduate Student Housing page for housing opportunities for graduate students.


New Graduate Student Welcome

New Graduate Student Welcome occurs before the first week of classes each semester and is designed to assist you as you transition to graduate study at Chatham University and life in Pittsburgh. Register to attend New Graduate Student Orientation at


Getting Your Student ID card

Every new Chatham student must obtain a student ID card. Once you are registered for classes, you can go to the Office of Student Affairs, located in the Carriage house next to the Post Office and Bookstore, for your ID. Your Chatham ID Card will be your official form of identification on campus. It will give you access to the Jennie King Mellon Library, the Athletic and Fitness Center, and other campus services. Your photo ID also allows you to use your Meal Plan and your Flex or Cougar dollars at Chatham dining facilities. All students are required to have a Chatham Student ID Card. ID cards are issued through the Office of Student Affairs between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The process is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes to have your picture taken and a card printed. A replacement fee of $25 is charged to students who request a replacement ID.

Benefits Around Town


Student Honor Code – Authority for Student Discipline

The Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students is responsible for the overall coordination of the Student Conduct System on behalf of the University. For full details on honor code policies and procedures please visit:

Honor is that principle by which we at Chatham form our code of living, working, and studying together. The standards of honor at Chatham require that all Chatham students residing on Chatham's campus act with intellectual independence, personal integrity, honesty in all relationships, and consideration for the rights and well being of others. As citizens of the campus community focused on education, students must accept certain obligations that accrue by virtue of such citizenship. Individual rights are ensured to the degree that these rights require a respect for the rights of all within the community to the same extent. In accepting admission to Chatham University, undergraduate and graduate students automatically agree to be personally responsible in all matters pertaining to honor and pledge to abide by those rules, which are considered by the community, as part of its Honor Code. While the University articulates specific community standards, both academic and social, the Honor Code is maintained through the acceptance of personal responsibility by each community member in their on and off campus behavior. Upholding the tenets of the Honor Code is essential in promoting a safe and secure living and learning community for which students, faculty and staff share responsibility. The Chatham University Honor Code is reviewed every four academic years with student input.


Student Health Insurance 412-365-2797

The University requires that all full-time students, both undergraduate and graduate, carry health insurance coverage. Coverage can be provided by the University sponsored Accident and Sickness Insurance plan or through your own comparable health insurance plan. The University sponsored Accident and Sickness insurance plan is designed to meet basic health care needs at an affordable cost. The plan provides a maximum benefit of $250,000 per lifetime and costs $1,780 for the 2014-2015 academic year. The premium is billed directly to your student account and split evenly between the Fall and Spring Semesters. Insured students may also add their eligible dependents to the plan by going online to

Waiving Student Health Insurance

Full-time students, who have alternate coverage, may waive enrollment in the University sponsored plan by visiting and clicking on the “Health Insurance” link to complete the waiver process. A pending charge for the health insurance premium will be placed on your student account upon registration at full-time status. If you have alternate coverage and you process a waiver before the waiver deadline, the pending charge will be removed. Any full-time student who does not complete the waiver process online by September 12, 2014 (January 12th for new Spring Semester students) will automatically be enrolled in the Chatham University Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, and will be responsible for all premium amounts charged to their student account.


Vaccination Records

Chatham requires that you provide your vaccination records to Student Health Services before the first day of classes. Failure to provide your records will prevent you from enrolling for subsequent semesters. Proof of MMR (Measles, Mumps, & Rubella) & Hepatitis B are required.  Others, such as vaccines for chickenpox, tetanus, hepatitis A, and polio, are only recommended so that we have that information on file should illness break out on campus. For more information, or if you need vaccinations, please visit


Getting Your Books

Books for your courses should be available at the Chatham Bookstore. If you cannot find a required text, please contact the bookstore manager.


Finding Out Where Classes Are Held

Please refer to your schedule and the campus map or contact the director of your program to find out where your classes will be held.


If One of Your Courses Is Cancelled

Courses that you have registered for may be cancelled due to low enrollments. If this is the case, please contact your faculty advisor to choose another course that is offered.


For Teaching Students Only

All students taking education courses are required to have current and valid Act 33 and 34 clearances in order to register for courses. This is a requirement of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To obtain forms, please contact your faculty advisor. In addition, Pennsylvania now requires that all teaching students submit passing PPST Praxis scores before enrolling in the program. Again, please contact your program director with questions.


Adding/Dropping Classes

Students must register for classes on the date indicated in the University calendar. You may access the University calendar by logging in at With the approval of the instructor and the relevant program director, courses may be added or dropped the first week of the term. There are no academic penalties for adds and drops occurring within the prescribed deadlines. After the prescribed deadlines, all requested course changes must be approved by the relevant program director. Procedures for adding and dropping courses past the deadlines may be obtained from the Registrar. In all cases, a fee will be charged for any authorized course change occurring after the prescribed deadlines.


New Pennsylvania Resident Information

PA Driver License

All new residents with out-of-state driver's licenses must obtain a PA Driver’s License within 60 days of establishing Pennsylvania residency. In order to get a Pennsylvania license you must show:

To obtain your PA Driver’s License you must go to a PennDOT Photo & Exam Center. There are many locations throughout Pittsburgh. The closest is downtown, but beware it is very busy.You have to pay for parking unless you ride the bus and if you are nervous about navigating downtown it probably would be worth driving a little further.

PennDOT Photo & Exam Center
708 Smithfield Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The next closest location is 5 miles away.
Penn Hills Shopping Center
11620 Keleket Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

For more information, refer to


How To Title and Register Your Out-of-State Vehicle in Pennsylvania

All new residents are required to make application for Pennsylvania title and registration of their vehicle(s) within 20 days of establishing residency in Pennsylvania.

There are many locations within close proximity to Chatham, you can title and register your vehicle at.

For more information, please visit


Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) Program

Pennsylvania is one of many states required by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency to have a vehicle emissions inspection & maintenance (I/M) program. The I/M program is a key part of the Commonwealth's strategy to improve its air quality. Motorists with gasoline powered cars, vans and light-duty trucks (9,000 lbs. or less gross vehicle weight), with a model year 1975 and newer registered in certain counties within Pittsburgh (including where Chatham is located in Allegheny county) are required to participate in Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) Program. For more information, please visit


PA Voter Registration

When you visit a Photo License Center to obtain your PA driver license, you will be given the opportunity to make application to register to vote. Chatham also offers ways to register to vote. you can find this information at the Pennsylvania Center for Women, Politics & Public Policy's Web site. For other ways to register and for more information, please visit