Chatham University

Student Services


Academic Support
PACE Center
Location: Jennie King Mellon Library, third floor
Telephone: 412-365-1523
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The University’s PACE Center comprises the programs for Academic Advising, Career Development, and Educational Enrichment. PACE offers students a comprehensive approach to academic and career planning as well as an academic support network designed to maximize each student’s academic success at the University.


Counseling Services
Location: Woodland Hall
Telephone: 412-365-1282
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Confidential short-term individual counseling for full-time registered students, assessment and referrals for part-time registered students, and specific educational workshops are available for every Chatham student experiencing personal, social, or family concerns. Students may seek counseling for a variety of reasons, such as difficulties in personal relationships with family members or peers, emotional or social difficulties, stress, concerns about academic progress and career direction. Counseling is viewed as enhancing a student’s personal growth and development so that the maximum benefit can be derived for the college experience. When appropriate, referrals are made to consulting psychiatrists or to a community agency. Appointments should be made by calling or by leaving a confidential message at x1282. Calls are returned as soon as possible. We strongly encourage students with a previous history of involvement with mental health professionals (psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, etc.) to remain in treatment with those professionals or obtain comparable treatment within the Pittsburgh community.


Health Services
Location: Woodland Hall
Telephone: 412-365-1538
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Chatham University realizes the importance of providing students with the necessary information, motivation and life-skills needed to empower them to make healthy life-style choices. As part of a holistic approach to student development, the Health Service offers a variety of educational programs in health and wellness for the campus community in cooperation with the Student Affairs staff and various other departments on campus. In addition, wellness information and resources are available through the director of Health Services.

The staff of Health Services is committed to providing care in an atmosphere of confidentiality and respect. RNs see students on a walk-in basis unless an appointment is required. An appointment for a physician is mandatory. A nominal fee is charged to the student's account for physician visits and available testing.


Dining Services
Location: Mellon Center, first floor
General Number: 412-365-1506
General Manager: 412-365-1659
Executive Chef: 412-365-1279
Catering: 412-365-1277

Chatham University and Parkhurst Dining Services:
Parkhurst Dining Services understands that dining is an integral part of the college experience. That's why we offer students a number of delicious and healthful dining options. Our dining plans provide the ultimate in flexibility and offer something to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes.

Chatham University's meal plan options focus on wellness and are designed to fit the busy lifestyle of today's students. It all starts in the Parkhurst kitchen, where you'll find meals made with only the freshest and finest of ingredients, prepared from scratch by our experienced chefs. The result is an impressive selection of nutritious and great-tasting culinary offerings.

Join us in Anderson Dining Hall for eggs made fresh to order every day or try a delicious warm waffle with a variety of toppings. Build your own salad made with fresh vegetables and delicious homemade dressings. Try our grill for a hamburger or one of the delicious daily specials. We also offer home-style traditional entrees like Mom might make in our Parkside area. You will taste our Hemisflavors cuisine, which uses ingredients, flavors and authentic cooking techniques that are indigenous to a variety of world regions. If you are looking for a light bite or a quick meal to go, don't forget to check out the Weathervane Snack Bar. Our menu lets you build your own salad or sandwich just how you like it. There are also a large variety of on the go items including sushi, wraps, fresh fruit and salads. Feeling a little low energy, then stop in at Café Rachel for an espresso drink, smoothie or quick snack from one of our friendly team members. If you are in the Eastside building, don't forget to visit the Eastside Café and enjoy a slice of pizza made from our own homemade pizza dough, a burger off the Grille or a fresh made sandwich from the Deli on our local bakery bread.

Nutrition, variety and flexibility - that's what you can expect from Chatham University Dining Services.

Because good food should be good for you, too.

At Parkhurst Dining Services we are 100% committed to fresh food. At Parkhurst "fresh" has never been a catchword - it's been a way of life. Our Showcase Salads are freshly made from scratch, from original recipes developed by our chefs. Soups are made from scratch every day. They don't come from a pouch, box or can. Bakery items are baked fresh every day.

Parkhurst Dining Services prides itself on our Food Gold Standards, which ensure the campus community of always having the freshest and most wholesome meals. We focus on the nutritional side of campus life! These are just some of the many Gold Standards we live by:

…Fresh, Local, Familiar, Delicious
A commitment to the local community

Our FarmSource program is an initiative to find and partner with some of the finest local growers and producers. With assistance from organizations like Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, we are able to enhance the freshness and quality of our product offerings with our compromising our commitment to food safety…while supporting and strengthening the local agricultural community.

Ecosteps to Sustainability
As we continue to expand our role as a socially responsible company, our EcoSteps logo will highlight items that are part of our efforts to become a more sustainable company. Currently Parkhurst Dining Services is implementing the following at Chatham University:

Meal Plan Options
Chatham University Dining Service's goal is to match students with the meal plan that meets and exceeds their expectations. These plans give our diners control and flexibility along with the best value for the dollar. Students can use their Chatham ID for the safety and convenience of cashless dining. If you are living in one of the Upper Campus housing options, then you must take one of the "Chatham" meal plans. If you are a traditional undergraduate living in one of the Chatham-owned apartments, you must take one of the "Cougar" meal plans.

NOTE: Meals and meal equivalencies are not available during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks. You are able to use flex or Cougar dollars during those times only.

Chatham Platinum: This plan is for the student who wants to be able to come and go from Anderson and grab a bite at any time of the day or evening. There are unlimited meals with this plan for use in Anderson and $25.00 in flex for use in Café Rachel or Eastside Café.

Chatham Gold: This plan is for the active student who plans on taking most of their meals in Anderson. There are 19 meals per week and $55 in flex dollars per semester included. This plan is the best value for the dollar.

Chatham Silver: This plan is for the student who does not always get out of bed and might miss breakfast or is not on campus during some of the meal periods. There are 14 meals per week and $110 in flex dollars per semester included. This plan is structured to offer more flexibility.

Chatham Bronze: This plan is designed for the student who spends more time off campus and is looking for the most flexibility in a meal plan. There are 10 meals per week and $220 in flex dollars per semester included. The additional flex dollars allow for "stocking up" retail items or having a few more smoothies or mochas at Café Rachel.

Chatham Steel: This block plan is the most flexible of the upper campus meal plans. There are 200 meals that can be used at any time during the semester and $200 in flex dollars per semester. This plan is not available to First Years.

Cougar Platinum: This plan is designed for the student who lives in one of the Chatham-owned apartments or off campus and is on campus everyday for classes, work or study. There are 5 meals per week and $220 in flex dollars per semester.

Cougar Gold: This block plan is designed for the student who is on campus often but not always on a regular basis and is looking for the most flexibility in a meal plan. There are 100 meals and $200 in flex dollars per semester.

Cougar Silver: This plan is designed to accommodate the student who is on campus less often and not on a regular basis and is looking for fewer meals. There are 50 meals and $200 in flex dollars per semester.

Cougar Bronze: This plan is the minimum required plan for undergraduates that live in the Chatham-owned apartments. It is designed for those that are on campus only occasionally or who pack a lunch or dinner most days and are just looking for the ability to have a meal or snack without worrying about carrying cash. This plan includes 25 meals and $200 in flex dollars per semester.

Unused block plans expire at the end of each semester and the meals in the traditional plans expire at the end of each week. Flex dollars roll over from fall to spring semesters only with the purchase of a spring meal plan.

Cougar Dollars: For those who want to add extra dining dollars to their cards, these are sold in blocks of $50. For every $50 in Cougar Dollars you purchase, you receive $55.00 to spend. Cougar Dollars also roll over from term to term and year to year as long as you are a member of the Chatham community. Cougar Dollars can be purchased if you do not have a meal plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a friend to Anderson?
Yes, you can use your flex dollars, Cougar dollars or cash to pay for their meals.

Can I use more than one block per meal period?
No, but there are 5 distinct meal periods during the day for you to use - breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner and after dinner. The only exception to this is with the Chatham Platinum plan that allows for unlimited trips to Anderson.

Can I use one of my meals to pay for my friend's meal?
No, only one meal block per dining period may be used.

Do flex dollars expire at the end of each semester?
Flex dollars carry over between fall and spring semester if you remain on the meal plan and expire at the end of each academic year.

Do unused meal blocks carry over from fall to spring semester?
No they do not, only flex dollars do.

May I add more flex dollars to my account?
You can add Cougar dollars in $50 increments to your account. These carry over from semester to semester and year to year as long as you are an active member of the Chatham community.

Where do I find out what the menus are?
The menus are posted on the MyChatham home page of the intranet.

How do I purchase a meal plan?
Meal Plans are purchased on MyChatham.

Can I change my meal plan once the semester begins?
Yes, you have until add/drop day to make that change.


Location: Carriage House
Telephone: 412-365-1661
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The Bookstore is located in the Carriage House, next to the Post Office and near Mellon Center. It is run by Follett College Stores. The store provides textbooks, supplies, snacks, and College memorabilia.

Bookstore hours are extended at the start of each semester. Typically the bookstore is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday-Thursday and from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Fridays and 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays. The phone number is 412-365-1661 or 412-365-1271.


Student Support Services
Office: Braun Hall, first floor
Telephone: 412-365-2797 or 800-837-1610

The Student Services Center is made up of three individual departments, which include Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Accounts. Conveniently located together on the first floor of Braun Hall, representatives from each department are available to serve you from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Extended business hours are also available during peak periods throughout the year. Our goal is to provide all students with outstanding customer service and we want to help you as much as possible throughout your time at Chatham. Whether it is applying for financial aid assistance, registering for classes, paying your bill, or obtaining your University ID, we are here for you.


Public Safety (Campus Police)
Office: Rea Garage
Telephone: 412-365-1230 or 412-365-1111 (emergency)
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The safety of the Chatham community is one of the University’s primary concerns. Chatham University Public Safety is in charge of all aspects of campus safety and security. The officers are sworn in by Allegheny County, and have arrest powers as granted by Pennsylvania Act 501: The Private Police Act. The officers are responsible for the enforcement of federal, state and local laws, as well as University policies. Public Safety has several certified crime prevention officers. The Public Safety Office provides training and distributes information about parking, safety programs, crime statistics (Jeanne Cleary Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act).


Information Technology Services
Location: Jennie King Mellon Library
Telephone: 412-365-1112
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Information Technology is located in the Library. Services include public computer labs and instructional classrooms that are open during regular library hours. There is also a 24 hour computer lab and study area in the Library.

The Help Desk, located on the first floor of the Library, is available for user support, training, services related to computer accounts, application programs, and network use at Chatham.