Chatham University

The New and Improved
Co-Curricular Transcript

+What is the Co-Curricular Transcript?

+What was the reasoning behind the development of the new Co-Curricular Transcript?

+Why is the Co-Curricular Transcript important?

Part of your job as you seek your next move (job search, graduate school, internship, etc.) is to be able to tell a robust story of how your education has prepared you for the next chapter in your SAGA! We hope the new and improved co-curricular transcript will compliment your academic transcript to help you tell this story to others, including employers, community members, and graduate schools.

+Where do I go to add experiences to my Co-Curricular Transcript?

You will self-report all entries to your Co-Curricular Transcript through my.chatham. Verification of each entry is made by Career Development, Office of Student Affairs.

Students should go to my.chatham, My Tools, and then click the link on the right "Co-Curricular Transcript" to get started.

+What types of experiences should I add to my Co-Curricular Transcript?

You will want to add any experiences in which you've developed or enhanced professional skills and competencies on or off campus. Some examples include: leadership experience, study abroad, community service/volunteer work, athletics, student organization involvement, student employment, and internships.

+How do I print a copy of my Co-Curricular Transcript?

You will have the ability to print unofficial copies of the Co-Curricular Transcript from my.chatham.

To request an official Co-Curricular Transcript (printed on official University transcript paper), please contact Career Development, Office of Student Affairs, at

Official Co-Curricular Transcripts should only be printed for purposes such as: interviews for jobs and internships, applications to graduate schools, and professional portfolios.

+Who do I contact for additional assistance with my Co-Curricular Transcript?

The Office of Career Development is more than happy to meet with you to help shape up your transcript prior to submitting it to a professional. Schedule an appointment with us today!

+What's the difference between the Academic Transcript and the Co-Curricular Transcript?

The Academic Transcript is Chatham University's certified statement of your academic record (the courses you've completed). To learn how to obtain an official copy of your academic transcript, please click here.

+How do I begin using the Co-Curricular Transcript?

For specific instructions on how to start completing your Co-Curricular Transcript, please click here.

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