Chatham University

Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare and Business Management

Chatham University’s Healthcare and Business Management degree prepares students to move into managerial positions in private practice, hospitals, and corporate healthcare institutions.

Chatham’s online, interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare and Business Management equips students who have experience or interest in healthcare with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to advance their careers and increase their salaries through professional positions on the business side. What you can expect from the program:

How it matters

"The healthcare and business management program takes a learner–centered approach to education. Small class sizes allow frequent interactions between instructor and student, and thoughtful assignments or projects focus on bringing theory to practice. Students are empowered through a curriculum that is targeted to a specific set of career opportunities on one hand, and offers a broad exposure to relevant business practices on the other."

Pat Downey, PT, PhD, DPT
Dean, Chatham University School of Health Sciences