Chatham University

Interior Architecture (MSIA) Student Research

Look at what our current students are doing.

Lauren Nicole Bertovich

Designing Interiors for a Wider America: The Impact of Obesity on Residential Design

Amanda M. Blake

Taking the Lead on Sensory Rooms: The Importance of Design in Modifying Behaviors Related to Sensory Modulation Disorder

Megan M. Carleton

Design Features that Support the Learning Environment in Creative and Performing Arts Classrooms

Carrie Czar

Preservation of a Country Farm

Magdalena Sanchez-Dahl

Color Education for Interior Designers: Is Josef Albers in the Curriculum?

Christina Gonano

Assisted Living Design Features and Activities that Support Family Involvement

Julie A. Graf

Promoting Sustainability Education: Documenting a Proposed Curricular Unity on the Principles of Sustainability

Heather L. Haines

Wood Products in Residential Construction: An Investigation into Product Sustainability and Product Demand

Stephanie A. Heher

Design Trends: Destination Supermarkets

Megan Mae Homison

Smart Growth Communities: How Effective are they to Reducing Carbon Footprint Related Directly to Transportation?

Zeinab M. Hussein

The Third Place: Making the Case for the Informal Public Life and the Great Good Places Essential

Nile Adrian Johnson

The Impact NCIDQ Certification has on the Effectiveness of an Interior Design Educator

Lisa A. Kamphaus

Review of Policies and Procedures for Incorporating Sustainable Design on University and College Campuses

Suzanne M. Kile

Adapting the Workplace for Generation Y

Michelle L. Kirkpatrick

Design Challenges and Solutions Pertaining to the Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings

Janet Klosky

Interior Resilient Flooring: A Framework for Measuring Sustainability

Windy J. Neff

A Comparison of Traditional and Online Student Preparedness upon Graduating from an Interior Design Program

Kiran Pokhrel

Housing for the Elderly in Nepal

Samantha Sadock

Assessing Pittsburgh’s Theaters

Karen M. Scarton

Cookie-cutter Houses: Homeowner’s Purchasing Decisions

Roxann A. O’Rourke-Sherrodd

Critical Thinking: Development in Interior Design Studio Environments

Amanda Shumar

Think Universal Design for the Individual: Accessible Kitchen Design

Belinda Nuth Sloboda

Student Preparedness of Three-Dimensional Freehand Sketching and Hand Drafting Skills for Entering the Residential Design Field

Melissa K. Smallwood

Thinking Outside of the Cubicle: The Benefits of Innovative Office Design

Susan Hutzler Venatta

Keeping Students Engaged in the Past: How History can become a Current Event

Noelle C. Weaver

Client Perception of Visual Presentation Methods Used by Designers to Communicate Design Intent

Andrea L. Wolff

Sustainable Design Education: Are Future Interior Designers Ready for Present Day Design Issues?