Chatham University

Applied Data Science Analytics

Data science is an emerging interdisciplinary field that blends computer technology, statistics, and business to manage, organize, and analyze the massive amounts of data produced by modern technologies every day.

Data scientists need to understand information systems and have a strong foundation in analytical methods and tools. Employers are increasingly looking for these skills to help solve important problems in industry, healthcare, government, and non-profits, and beyond.

In 2016, its median base salary is over $100,000, with about 2,000 currently open positions.1

"Governments, healthcare providers, and businesses are producing an unprecedented amount of data thanks to advances in information technologies and computational models. Bright minds who can turn data into insights and innovations are leaders we need for all industries." - Rachel Chung, PhD, program director, Business and Entrepreneurship

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Through the Chatham Plan, DSA graduates leave Chatham with the communication skills they need to not only analyze data, but to work in teams and leadership roles to communicate their results.