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Kelly Henderson

Eden Hall K-12 Education Manager

Kelly has been at Chatham working to create K-12 school partnership program for the Eden Hall Campus since 2014. As a member of the Education Department, Kelly also teaches courses as adjunct faculty on "Experiential Learning and Classroom Partnerships." She has completed the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond's Undoing Racism Workshop, the Buck Institute's PBL Leadership Institute as well as the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Before coming to Chatham, Kelly helped start the Pittsburgh 2030 District with the Green Building Alliance, and was the project manager on LEED green building certification for the United Steelworkers Building while working for The Efficiency Network. Her history with environmental and outdoor education has varied from leading college orientation overnight caving trips and supervising YMCA overnight camp staff, to leading community bike rides around Pittsburgh for Venture Outdoors. Kelly has a BA in Physics from Colgate University and an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Before changing careers, she worked in U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory and at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researching material changes that would make solar panels more efficient. In her free time, Kelly helps to instruct the Pittsburgh Explorer's Club Backpacking School and Mountaineering School. She is also on the board of the Point Breeze North Development Corporation.

Payal Patel

Eden Hall K-12 Program Assistant

Payal Patel is the Eden Hall Campus K-12 Education Program Assistant. A Chatham University Shadyside Campus alumna herself, Payal rejoined the Chatham community at the Eden Hall Farm Campus in 2018. A strong interest in public health and justice led her to an undergraduate at Chatham, where she studied environmental science, cultural studies, and social justice. She spent the next few years exploring careers in her fields of interest: wilderness recreation, music, and scientific research. However, it wasn’t until she picked up a summer gig at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh that Payal discovered a joy and calling in working with children. That summer gig opened the floodgates to a world of possibilities in children's education and programming. After working a few years in children's education she decided it was time to start merging her interests in sustainability and children's programming, just as Eden Hall Campus was expanding their own K-12 programs. Outside of work Payal has a strong interest in food access and food culture, volunteering with 412 Food Rescue as a cooking instructor and food distribution volunteer. In her free time Payal enjoys experimenting with new and creative recipes, singing, swimming, and falling down the rabbit hole of health science research.

Tashi Cheozum Lama

Eden Hall K-12 Educator & Data Wizard
Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability student, degree expected 2021

Tashi is an international student from Humla, Nepal. She loves to learn from people and the environment around her. She has worked for nonprofits in Nepal including the "Humla Fund" and "Koseeli" as a volunteer educator for students of age between 4-12. She loves Pittsburgh! She is always fascinated by the beautiful bridges of the city. Her interest lies in learning more about Pittsburgh and the sustainability initiatives which she wants to take back to her country after she graduates.

Fernando Soriano

Eden Hall K-12 Ecology Educator
Bachelor of Arts in Biology, concentration in Environmental Science student, degree expected 2019

Fernando's interest in ecology stems from his hometown, Virginia Beach, where he explored various ecosystems whether it was the beach, forest, or wetlands. One of his favorite places growing up was the Virginia Marine Science Center because he got to learn first hand about the natural world around him, and how to help preserve it. He is motivated by his interest not only in science, but also his aspirations to be an ally for social justice, and to become better at both each day. As a member of Chatham Student Government and the March for Science Pittsburgh committee, he strives everyday to push diversity and inclusion for all and for evidence supported decision making. He is very excited to help foster the growth and education of the youth of proceeding generations to help them in their futures but also ensure the wellbeing of our world as a whole.

Patricia Dufane

Eden Hall K-12 Food Systems Educator
Master of Arts in Food Studies student, degree expected 2019

Patricia has a Bachelor's degree in Agronomic Engineer. She was born and raised in Haiti. After High school, she went to Costa Rica where she spent 5 years to study Agricultural science. After her graduation, she went to the United States to participate in the Ohio State University International Program. Since returning to Haiti in 2009, she has been focused on strengthening the capacities of farmers, increasing rural incomes, and promoting equity in Haiti. After a year with the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture, Patricia joined Catholic Relief Services first as a project manager, and later as a program manager. From those roles, Patricia worked to improve incomes for mango, cacao and coffee farmers working on a range of issues such as crop disease management, access to credit, and environmental certification. In 2015, she took a position as the Regional Program Manager for the Canadian cooperation organization. She is a professor at the American University of the Caribbean. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, travelling, and she loves Central America and Caribbean food and culture.

Morgan Block

Eden Hall K-12 Climate Educator & Graduate Assistant
Master of Sustainability student, degree expected 2019

In his role with the K-12 Program, Morgan works on updating the K-12 Resources Page, crafting new lesson plans/activities, implementing climate change knowledge wherever he can, and acting as a project mentor to schools implementing PBL units. Morgan is from Long Island, New York, and grew up with a fascination for the natural world. Morgan graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2016 with a BA in History, and a Certificate in Leadership. Morgan then spent three weeks in the Galapagos Islands volunteering on a conservation team to protect endemic species like the giant tortoise. Upon graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Morgan worked for Grades of Green, an environmental education nonprofit in New York City. Morgan helped create, edit, build, and rebrand Grades of Green’s environmental education activities. When he's not working Morgan enjoys camping, sci fi movies, goofy comedies, exercising, programming (or attempting to) with R, astronomy, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Julia Saintz

Eden Hall K-12 Sustainability Educator
Master of Sustainability student, degree expected 2019

Julia has experiences and passions for educating on farming, soils, waste management/waste reduction efforts (in particular with schools), eliminating litter, watershed education, and more! If it has anything to do with the environment and people, Julia likes to get involved. This year she hopes to help with getting more schools to be inspired to take waste reduction efforts they learn at Eden Hall back to their schools. Fun Fact: Julia has done early 1800s mountain men reenactments. Her specialties are knife throwing, bow and arrow, and leather working.

Audrey Lomax

Eden Hall K-12 Outdoor Educator
Master of Arts in Food Studies student, degree expected 2019

Audrey is so excited to learn all about Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. She loves to work with people in the outdoors, as she enjoys exploring nature and learning how to open her eyes to all the cool things happening in the big wide world. She has educated outdoors with ages ranging from 4 to 14 and is always excited to learn from everyone she works with. She is developing lessons in green infrastructure, geocaching, soil, and low ropes challenge course team building.

+Past Student Employees

Danielle San Filippo

Eden Hall K-12 Outdoor Educator
Master of Arts in Food Studies/MBA 2018

Diarra Clarke

Eden Hall K-12 Social Justice Educator
Bachelor of Arts in Women's Entrepreneurship & Institutional Culture 2018

Emma Honcharski

Eden Hall K-12 Ecology Educator & Marketing Coordinator
Bachelor of Science in Sustainability student, degree expected 2018

Kai Kyles

Eden Hall K-12 Social Justice Educator
Master of Arts in Food Studies student

Dante Barbetti

Eden Hall Trail and Volunteer Coordinator
Bachelor of Science in Sustainability student, degree expected 2019

Bethany Bookout

Eden Hall Trail and Volunteer Coordinator
Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability 2018

Kelcy Wagner

Eden Hall K-12 Field Trip Coordinator
Master of Sustainability 2017

Cameron Heyder

Eden Hall K-12 Summer Educator
Bachelor of Science in Sustainability student, degree expected 2019

Stacey Jane Victor

Eden Hall K-12 Program Assistant
Master of Arts in Food Studies 2017

Issa Secaira

Eden Hall K-12 Food Systems Educator
Master of Arts in Food Studies 2016

France Gina Beauzil

Eden Hall K-12 Educator
Master of Arts in Food Studies 2016

Komal Koodovalli

Eden Hall K-12 Educator
Master of Sustainability 2016

Feyisola Alabi

Eden Hall K-12 Program Educator
Master of Sustainability and MBA 2016

Emily Gallivan

Eden Hall K-12 Program Food & Farm Intern
Master of Arts in Food Studies 2015

+Advisory Board

Eden Hall's K-12 Advisory Board helps to drive the direction of school engagement programming coming out of Chatham University's Eden Hall Campus. Board members serve 3-year terms, during which they attend regular meetings to provide feedback and participate in group brainstorming sessions. This group meets 5 times per year with mandatory attendance at 3 out of 5 of these meetings required to maintain board seats. The board is comprised of educators, district administrators, and employees of school partner organizations/initiatives. Public, private and charter schools are all represented.

Remaining 2017-18 meeting times are:
  • Nov 14th, 2017, 5:30 - 7:30pm
  • Feb 6th, 2018, 5:30 - 7:30pm
  • April 17th, 2018, 5:30 - 7:30pm
  • June 26th, 2018, 12 - 2pm

Our board also has dedicated seats for specific organizations, schools and districts.

Apply to join our board

Current Board Members and Terms:
  • Laurie Jones (2015-2018) - Middle School Science Teacher, Pine Richland School District
  • Eileen Coughlin (2015-2018) - Middle School Science Teacher, Falk Lab School
  • Lori Wertz (2015-2018) - Resource Teacher and SHERP Program Instructor, Falk Lab School
  • Brock Perkins (2015-2018) - Science Teacher, Winchester Thurston North Hills Campus
  • Matt Brunner (2015-2018) - Science Teacher, Shadyside Academy
  • Darla Gerlach (2015-2018) - Gifted and Talented Specialist and Teacher, Shaler Area School District
  • Amy Baschnagel (2015-2018) - Environmental Science Teacher, North Allegheny School District
  • David Jones (2015-2018) - Physics Teacher, Freeport Area School District
  • Greg Adams (2015-2018) - Earth Sciences Teacher, Freeport Area School District
  • Meg Adams (2015-2018) - Library Specialist, Slippery Rock School District
  • Gianna Fazioli (2016-2019) - Farm Manager, Shadyside Academy
  • Trisha Craig (2016-2019) - Junior High School Principal, Fort Cherry School District
  • Aileen Owens (2016-2019) - Director of Technology and Education, South Fayette School District
  • Rebecca Cunningham (2016-2019) - Assistant Superintendent, Hampton Township School District
  • Vasilios Scoumis (2016-2019) - CEO, Manchester Academic Charter School
  • Venneasha Davis (2017-2020) - 6th Grade Science Teacher, Woodland Hills, Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Shaun Allen Tomaszewski (2017-2020) - Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Northgate School District
  • Shannon Austin (2017-2020) - District Administrator, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Pete Mathis (2017-2020) - Assistant Principal, Environmental Charter School
  • Tiara Whitfield (2017-2020) - Program Manager, Maker's Clubhouse
Open Dedicated Seats
  • Propel Charter Schools (1 seat)
  • Pittsburgh Public Schools (2 seats)
  • Penn Hills School District (1 seat)
  • Wilkinsburg School District (1 seat)
  • Clairton City School District (1 seat)
  • Woodland Hills School District (1 seat)
  • City Charter High School (1 seat)
  • McKeesport Area School District (1 seat)
  • East Allegheny School District (1 seat)
  • South Allegheny School District (1 seat)
  • Cornell School District (1 seat)
  • Sto-Rox School District (1 seat)
  • Keystone Oaks School District (1 seat)
  • Intermediate Units (3 seats)
  • Remake Learning (1 seat)
  • Green Building Alliance (1 seat)