Chatham University

Sausage from Start to Finish

Saturday, April 21, 2018
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Eden Hall Campus, Lodge Kitchen

Cost: $50, 10% discount for Chatham Alumni!

This sausage workshop will teach attendees about the many different types of sausage and its production. The workshop will go through the process from start to finish, from meat selection to consumption, and discuss different ways to create flavorful sausages. 

Participants will learn the following:
• Local farms and sources for finding sustainable meat 
• How to select meat for sausages 
• Information about fat content and the good fat you want in your sausages 
• How to grind meat for sausages 
• All about natural and artificial casings 
• How to proportion and weigh ingredients depending on type of sausage
  • How to stuff sausages 
• Basics of how to cook a sausage 

Instructor: Maya Lantgios Maya Lantgios is currently a second year Food Studies masters candidate. She graduated from Chatham University's undergraduate Sustainability program in the first cohort in 2017. While attending school Maya has worked as a fish cutter for the last two years at a local grocery store in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. She was not only the youngest fish cutter ever trained at this store, but the first woman as well. She is currently doing thesis work on butchery and meat production and consumer perceptions of animal products.

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Cassandra Malis