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Scholarship and Endowment Giving

Building on the endowment is an ongoing capital priority for Chatham University. Chatham’s endowment consists of multiple, separate funds that have been established throughout the history of the institution that generate income in perpetuity. Only the interest and appreciation earned is used for current programs and services, ensuring the permanent existence of these funds. Endowments provide stability as they limit the institution’s dependence on unpredictable funding sources; therefore, an endowment is a measure of the strength of an institution.

A substantial portion of the Chatham University endowment assists the general operating budget each year by providing funds for such critical areas as student scholarships and faculty endowments; as well as the maintenance of the University’s historic properties.

Student Scholarships

Endowed scholarships have long played a vital role in Chatham’s history, enabling students to pursue their educational goals regardless of their financial situation. In fact, 95 percent of Chatham’s undergraduate student population benefits from student scholarships. Chatham University has more than 80 endowed scholarships that provided more than $1 million in scholarship support to students during the 2009-2010 academic year. However, Chatham awards more than $4 million in financial aid and scholarships annually; thus the critical need for new and additional scholarship funds.

Faculty Endowments

Endowed funds provide support for research, curriculum and professional development and professorial chairs and faculty salaries are crucial for Chatham’s future. The University is able to attract and maintain superior faculty with the support of these funds, thus maintaining high academic standards and continuing to attract top students. Fundraising for the faculty endowment continues to be an institutional priority.

If you are interested in establishing an endowed scholarship for Chatham students or an endowed fund to benefit Chatham faculty, please contact the University Advancement Department at 412-365-2731.