Chatham University

The Global Focus Program at Chatham University

Begun in 1995, the Global Focus Program concentrates on one country, region, or subject of global relevance each year and enables the university community to engage in a comprehensive study of that subject through coursework, class assignments, campus events, community activities, overseas travels, co-curricular initiatives, and service learning projects. The program offers the opportunity to spend a full academic year exploring in depth the history, cultures and peoples of a segment of the world and has been a hallmark of the Chatham University experience. The Global Focus Year of the Communities of Islam received the 2002-2003 Institute of International Education's Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education.

Students, faculty, and staff work together in planning study abroad initiatives, campus cultural events, selecting speakers and lecture topics, and engaging in collaborative academic assignments. In addition, throughout the academic year, several art gallery exhibitions, performances, and an array of community outreach enterprises feature and embrace the area of focus and its peoples. The ambassador of the country under study is invited to visit our community.

The Global Focus Program promotes the acquisition of sustainable global competencies through critical and holistic scholarly explorations. It concurrently strengthens the impact of cross-cultural ties and business projects in the Greater Pittsburgh area, across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, nationally, and globally.