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2018 Women Candidates of PA

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Sarah Hammond

District: PA-169

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Sarah Hammond

Sarah Hammond is a Hanover native; a small town woman with blue-collar roots who understands the negative impact that political gridlock creates for working-class families. She is running for office to give a voice to community member’s whose daily lives teeter on the edge of financial stability, even after full work weeks. Hammond will work diligently to create solutions for issues causing economic hardship in her community so that more hardworking families can prosper. Hammond believes in preserving the workers’ rights to unionize, changing our approach to the opioid epidemic, upgrading crumbling infrastructure, increase capital lending to small businesses, providing job-training programs, expanding access to affordable healthcare, supporting troops and veterans by providing education, medical assistance, and final expenses and family support for those who lost their lives in service, and enlarging quality public schools.

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