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2018 Women Candidates of PA

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Martina A White

District: PA-170

Party Affiliation: Republican

Martina A White

Representative Martina White is a professional financial adviser for local families and small businesses. Her philosophy is centered around the core values of trust, accountability, and service. White has lived through and understands the challenges and risks associated with building, operating, and growing a small business in Philadelphia, but recognizes the employment opportunities and benefits these companies provide the community. During her education and career, White became passionate about finding ways to assist others. She sees their needs, hears their worries, and addresses concerns for quality education, job security, and desire to save for retirement but unable to do so. Martina White wants to stimulate the economy and bring more jobs and better wages to her district. She also believes in fair taxes, strong and effective schools, and supporting the police, fire fighters, and EMT’s to better the quality of life.

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