Chatham University

Policy Studies FAQs

Why choose an interdisciplinary degree?
Academic disciplines investigate the questions and use the methodology developed by that discipline. Majors in academic disciplines teach students to understand the methodology of the field and apply it to problems or issues. But the problems of the world are inherently interdisciplinary. Policy makers need to understand the historical context of issues, the political parameters of possible solutions, and the economic incentives for behavior. All three perspectives are essential for devising appropriate and workable policies.

Can I go to graduate school in Policy Studies?
Many universities, including the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, have graduate programs in public administration or policy studies. As part of our Integrated Degree Program, Chatham University has established a 4-1 program with the Heinz College of Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. Well-qualified students take graduate courses at CMU in the senior year and then earn a Master’s degree with just one additional year of work. This program is available in public policy and management, health care policy and management, information systems management, arts management, and educational technology management.