Chatham University

What is Problem-Based Learning?

Problem-Based Learning Goals


When encountering an unfamiliar problem, the student will be able to build, organize, and articulate the basic science knowledge and concepts which can explain the problem and which can then be employed to resolve the problem.

Clinical Reasoning

The student will demonstrate the ability to use the clinical reasoning process in the investigation and solution of medical problems.

Self-Directed Learning and Self-Assessment

When a student encounters a problem that he or she is unable to explain, the student will be able to design and implement satisfactory learning strategies, monitor the adequacy of personal knowledge and skills, assess the effectiveness of the self-directed learning strategies used, and critically assess the learning resources for adequacy, quality, and credibility.

Professional Clinical and Interpersonal Skills

The student will demonstrate:
- Appropriate interview and physical examination techniques
- Effective interpersonal skills while interacting with patients, peers, faculty and others
- Cultural sensitivity