2022-2023 Course Catalog

Billing and Monthly Account Statement

The Office of Student Accounts will generate and mail term invoices to all registered students approximately a month prior to the start of the semester. Invoices will be in the student's name and sent to their billing address on file. Important financial and payment information will be included with the invoice. The invoice will list a payment due date, generally the 15th of the month, in which your student account must be paid. Monthly account statements will continue to be sent to those students with remaining balances. The statement will show all University charges and credits for the previous month, as well as any unpaid financial obligation to the University. Failure to pay the amount due by the due date listed on the statement will result in a late payment fee and a financial hold on the account.

Past Due Accounts

A student account is considered past due when a scheduled payment is not paid by the required due date. The following actions may be taken against any student with a past due account:

  • Place the student on financial hold
  • Withdraw all charging privileges
  • Withhold grades
  • Withhold transcripts
  • Withhold statement of transfer in good standing
  • Cancel dining hall privileges
  • Request that a student vacate campus housing
  • Withhold the ability to register for future terms
  • Cancel the student's current registration at the University
  • Withhold receipt of the degree
  • Withhold participation in graduation ceremonies
  • Garnish work-study wages
  • Place the account into collections; charging the student all related collection costs and reporting the default to all national credit bureaus and other appropriate non-campus organizations.

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