2022-2023 Course Catalog

Depth of Understanding (upper level course requirement)

In addition to the breadth course described above, all Chatham students will demonstrate a depth of understanding by completing a minimum of 9 credits of upper-level (200-level or above) elective credits in disciplines outside of their major.

Note that a course related to the major but not required in the major will NOT count as a course fulfilling the requirement. For instance, a chemistry course not listed as a requirement in the Chemistry major curriculum or a Creative Writing course not listed as a requirement in the Creative Writing major curriculum will NOT satisfy General Education Depth Requirement.  All of Chatham's upper-level electives are acceptable in this category.

Chatham will accept transfer courses from all areas of study that meet these requirements. Courses taken to satisfy a minor, second major, or IDP program may satisfy the Depth of Understanding Course requirement.  

RN-BSN students may satisfy general education depth requirements with any courses outside of the Core program requirements.