2022-2023 Course Catalog

General Education Course Requirements

Courses satisfying the general education requirements must be taken on a regular letter grade basis except in cases where pass/fail grading is the only option. If a student fails a general education course, they must retake and pass the course or an appropriate approved substitute.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires undergraduate students to complete a minimum of 40 credits of general education. Individual classes may satisfy only one general education requirement. No more than two classes may fulfill both a requirement in general education and in any major or minor (does not apply to "depth of understanding" requirement). In interpreting the general education requirements, a "science with lab" is considered one class even if the lab portion has its own course number. However, it must be the lab that is associated with the lecture portion of the course.

Students graduating with a BSN degree may:

  • Satisfy some general education credits via articulation agreement with their school of nursing. Students may not be able to see a credit-for credit course satisfaction for general education courses on their transcripts.
  • Have more than two classes fulfill both a requirement in the major and a general education requirement.