2022-2023 Course Catalog

Spring 2020 Grade Policies Enacted in Response to COVID-19

Undergraduate Grading

For the 20SP2 and 20SP3 semesters, Chatham University undergraduate students were given the opportunity to change assigned letter grades of C- or above to P (pass).

Transfer Credit

Normally, for incoming transfer students, only courses with grades of C or above are accepted for credit. However, because of the variation that exists among institutions, Chatham will accept grades of C- or better, or P or S grades that are defined as C- or better, for classes taken in 20SP only at other institutions. If the policy at the student’s former institution allows D grades to count toward P (Pass) designations, the student has the opportunity to provide supplemental information (e.g. confirming email from the appropriate faculty member) to show that grade was in Chatham accepted range. Courses with “F,” “No credit,” “NP,””US,”“Z” grades, or similar equivalents are not transferable.