2022-2023 Course Catalog

Strategies for Success in College

SDE101: Strategies for Success in College. This course provides first-year students with strategies necessary to transition successfully to the college environment. The course introduces students to the Chatham community, its culture, and its traditions. Additional topics relevant to the first-year experience are also considered. All first-year students attending college for the first time will be enrolled. College in high school/dual enrollment credits do not count toward exemption of SDE101; only Gateway students and transfer students with 12 or more credits earned in degree seeking programs after high school are exempt from SDE101. Appeals to this rule should be sent, in writing, to Advising@chatham.edu.

  • Students will understand and implement the academic skills, strategies, and support programs important for success in college.
  • Students will understand their own strengths and skill sets to better manage their personal growth and development.
  • Students will be able to identify campus/community resources and opportunities for engagement at Chatham University and in the Pittsburgh area.
  • Students will understand and appreciate the role service learning and ethical citizenship play in their college education.