2023-2024 Course Catalog

Medical Schedule Cancellation/Withdraw

Medical Schedule Cancellation/Withdraw
Due to an extreme personal medical situation, a student may seek a Medical Schedule Cancellation/Withdrawal. Medical Schedule Cancellations/Withdrawals require supporting documentation from a Medical Professional and approval from the Dean of Students in consultation with the Director of the Office of Academic and Accessibility Resources. Students are only permitted to receive a maximum of two during their enrollment at Chatham. Undergraduate students who return/continue as graduate students may apply for an exception for a third Medical Schedule Cancellation in extreme circumstances.  
Academic Progress
Medical Cancellations/Withdrawals are available to support students in extreme medical situations, but they will impede student progress. The student should consult with their Academic Advisor to understand the implication a medical cancellation will have on their degree completion.
Transcript Information
Upon completion of the Medical Cancellation/Withdrawal Form, the student’s scheduled courses in the current semester will be cancelled (removed from the transcript) or recorded on the transcript as W, depending upon the timing of the request as follows:  
• Submitted prior to midterm grades: Cancellation
• Submitted before the end of term, but after midterm grades: W
Account and Financial Aid
Students seeking Medical Schedule Cancellation/Withdrawal should speak with the Financial Aid Department to understand the impact a Medical Cancellation/Withdrawal will have on any financial aid received or future eligibility/limits.  Students who file a Medical Cancellation are eligible for the following adjustments to their Student Account:
• Submitted prior to midterm grades: Full refund  
• Submitted in Week 7-10: 50% refund
• Submitted Week 11 or later: No refund
Note: 7.5-week courses will be considered for the full refund, provided that paperwork is submitted in full no later than one week prior to the last day of classes.  
Students may be eligible for a compassionate review of their student account and fees for full or partial refund if submitting the request after week 7. Students should attach the request explaining their financial situation to their submitted form. All financial compassionate requests will be reviewed by a committee, including the Dean of Students, Assistant Vice President for Finance, Director of Student Accounts, Director of Financial Aid, and the Director of the Office of Academic and Accessibility Resources.
Deadline to request Medical Schedule Cancellation:  
The Medical Schedule Cancellation/Withdrawal Form and all supporting documentation must be received and completed in full no later than one week prior to the end of the term in which the Medical Cancellation is submitted.  
End of term is defined as the last day of classes as noted on the Academic Calendar.  
The deadline for Medical Schedule Withdrawal for the 2022-2023 Academic fall and spring 15 week terms are:
Fall 2022: Friday, December 9   Spring 2023: Friday, April 14
Duration of Medical Schedule Cancellation:  
Duration of the leave will depend upon the time the student needs for treatment and/or recovery and should be determined in consultation with the care provider. Students may not return during the same semester when the leave was taken and must adhere to guidelines when returning.
Students who remain inactive for more than one year will be automatically set as “withdrawn” in the University system. These students will need to reapply for admission through the Office of Admissions upon returning from Medical Schedule Cancellation/Withdraw. Students who are automatically withdrawn may still need to create a personal plan of return with Student Affairs as part of their admission.  
Return to Chatham
Successful return from a semester(s) off for Medical Schedule Cancellation involves careful coordination and planning. The Dean of Students/Office of Student Affairs will support students in their return. Students will be required to submit the Return from Medical Cancellation/Withdraw Form along with medical documentation a minimum of one month prior to the term they wish to resume studies. Students may be required to participate in a care plan (meeting regularly with OAAR, Counseling, Advisor, etc.) as part of their return process, as the intention of the University is to prioritize the student’s health and wellbeing for successful progression toward degree completion.  
Medical documentation must come from a medical/behavioral health professional who is not a parent/guardian or extended family member and show sufficient evidence that the student is ready and able to resume their coursework. Once the Dean of Students approves the student to return and a return plan, the student will consult with their academic advisor before registering for courses. Failure to complete the return plan throughout the first term may impact a student’s eligibility for future Medical Cancellations/Withdraws.