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Explore answers to questions related to the Presidential Search process. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Yes. The Co-Chairs of the Search Committee will provide regular updates to the Chatham University community at critical points in the search. Regular updates will be sent to you via email and updates will also be available on this site.

There is a confidential online nomination form on this website. Please carefully review the presidential qualifications and attributes (specifically, the section titled “Required and Desired Leadership Skills, Experiences, and Qualifications”) as laid out in the Presidential Search Profile before submitting a nomination. Your nomination will go directly to the search consultants, Maya Ranchod Kirkhope and Cynthia Patterson, and they will reach out to the nominee. The search consultants will not provide your name to the nominee, but you are free to do so.

The Co-Chairs are the official spokespersons for the Search Committee. The Co-Chairs will provide regular updates to the Chatham community and address any questions or concerns from the community throughout the search process.

Search Committee members are restricted in the information they are able to share with the Chatham community. The confidentiality statement, which all members have signed, requires that they not share any information discussed during Search Committee meetings and that they not share any information related to candidates, even after the search has closed.

The Co-Chairs are the only individuals authorized to speak on behalf of the Search Committee and the search process. Please contact the Co-Chairs or search consultants if you have information that will be helpful to them at

Internal candidates are vetted in the same way as external candidates. All candidates are assessed based on the criteria laid out in the Presidential Search Profile. The Committee will very carefully select the strongest candidates, either internal or external, for further consideration based on the presidential search qualifications and experiences.

Many of our candidates will hold key positions at other institutions or organizations, and will only submit an application if confidentiality is guaranteed. Members of the Search Committee have signed an agreement that secures confidentiality for all discussions and deliberations related to the presidential search.

Many members of the Chatham community participated in the various one-on-one, small group, and large group meetings held on campus by the search consultants. We also distributed an online survey and received a robust response from many members of the Chatham community. The consultants gathered valuable information on the skills, qualifications, and attributes sought in the next president from the many conversations and survey submissions, all of which will be particularly valuable during the recruiting phase of the search process. 

During the recruiting and interview stages, the Board of Trustees and the Presidential Search Committee will employ a confidential selection process in order to attract the largest, best qualified, and diverse pool of candidates.

In the confidential search, the identity of candidates will not be disclosed publicly, and participation in the finalist interviews will be limited to the Search Committee and a small, select group of faculty, staff, and students. Experience has shown that ensuring confidentiality through the finalist interviews greatly increases the willingness of qualified individuals, especially sitting presidents, to become candidates. The Search Committee – comprised of 15 members including faculty, staff, students, administrators, and board members – is charged with representing the entire University and ensuring that the next president meets the qualifications, skills, and experiences identified by the Chatham community in surveys and group meetings with the consultants. 

The next president is expected to take office in mid-summer 2023. The new president may be visible and meet with individuals in the spring, but the anticipated start date is on or around July 1, 2023.