Chatham University

October 2017

The Chatham University Board of Trustees and leadership team have consulted with a wide range of stakeholders to plan for our institution's future success. Developing a clear, shared plan is especially vital as Chatham, like nearly every other higher education institution, finds itself in a very challenging environment that shows few signs of abating.

As Chatham nears its 150-year anniversary, its track record of changing and evolving in response to challenges and opportunities gives us confidence that it will continue to thrive in the years to come. Chatham's mission, vision and values, its willingness to embrace change when change is required, the fact that innovation is part of its institutional DNA – all of these are not just part of Chatham's past; they are what inspire us as we set the course for Chatham’s future.

Our new Strategic Plan represents a new beginning – a new chapter in Chatham’s remarkable story. It also represents the start of a new continuous improvement process, as Chatham's leadership team develops a set of key priorities/initiatives derived from the Plan, each with clear targets, that will be used to guide our decision-making and measure our progress for the 2017-18 academic year. Based on how we perform against these targets, and continuous monitoring of changes in the external environment, we will make adjustments in terms of emphases and strategies, and create a new set of priorities/initiatives for following years.

An important part of our continuous improvement process will be feedback from the Chatham community. You, after all, are the ones implementing much of the Plan. In many cases, you are in the best position to assess its success. I invite you to continue to use to share your thoughts and perspectives on ways to further the goals and initiatives of the Plan. I'd also welcome your suggestions on other ways, perhaps not covered in the Plan, to advance the Mission, Vision and Values of the University. We're open to any and all suggestions that improve the Plan and help make Chatham an even better place in which to learn, live and work.

Chatham is at a crossroads. Thanks to the bold investments in the Eastside and Eden Hall campuses, the creation of the Falk School for Sustainability & Environment, the continued excellence and strong demand for our health science graduate programs, the rapid growth in undergraduate enrollment in the three years since transitioning to coeducation, and the blossoming of Pittsburgh as a great higher education city, the University is poised to move to the next level both academically and financially. With the tremendous talents and dedication of the entire Chatham community and our commitment to working together with each other and our external partners, I feel confident that we can take that next step and usher in the next era of success for Chatham and the Chatham community.

David Finegold, DPhil