Chatham University

Diversity and Inclusion Council Members & Committees

Current membership of the Diversity and Inclusion Council is:

  • Nichole Bayliss
  • Dana Brown
  • Diarra Clarke (graduated)
  • Randi Congleton
  • Greg Galford
  • Tyra Good
  • Frank Greco
  • Danielle Lewis (graduated)
  • Sabreen Megherhi (graduated)
  • Darlene Motley (Co-Chair)
  • Sharon Novalis
  • Linh Phung
  • Fernando Soriano
  • Zauyah Waite (Co-Chair)
  • David Williams (graduated)

Subcommittees, which also include faculty, staff, and students not on the Council, are:

  • Best Practices/Integrating Diversity & Inclusion (chaired by Darlene Motley)
  • Campus Accessibility & Awareness of Disabilities & Mental Health (chaired by Sharon Novalis)
  • Gender & Sexual Violence Prevention (chaired by Nichole Bayliss)
  • Hiring & Promotion/Development and HR Policies (co-chaired by Tyra Good and Frank Greco)
  • Intergroup Dialogues (chaired by David Williams)
  • Internal Council Assessment (chaired by Linh Phung)
  • Race/Ethnicity Awareness (chair TBD)
  • Research on Campus Climate (chaired by Nichole Bayliss)
  • Synchronization with diversity events/Campus groups liaison (chaired by Randi Congleton)
  • Training & Professional Development (chaired by Zauyah Waite)
  • Website Management & PR (chaired by Darlene Motley)