Chatham University

Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness


The mission of the Assessment Office is to support the implementation of a comprehensive assessment plan for the purpose of continuous improvement of student learning and institutional effectiveness.


  • Coordinate the assessment process across the campus
  • Provide support to campus units in their assessment activities
  • Support departments in identifying goals/objectives, outcomes, and assessment methods
  • Facilitate the departments in gathering, analyzing, managing, and interpreting their assessment data

Linda Suskie defines Institutional Effectiveness by how well a college meets these five responsibilities:

  1. Meet stakeholder needs especially its students' needs.
  2. Keep its promises by achieving its mission and goals
  3. Ensure its college's health and well-being, and deploy resources effectively, prudently, and efficiently. (This is stewardship.)
  4. Serve the public good.
  5. Demonstrate the college's quality and effectiveness in fulfilling these responsibilities. (This is accountability.)

At Chatham University all departments, both academic and support, review their goals yearly. Departmental goals and the measurement of those goals are tracked throughout the year culminating in an analysis of the results and an action plan. These plans inform resource allocation and planning.

Additionally, each academic unit assesses the extent to which they have met their program's learning outcomes by establishing a three to five year review cycle. Within that time frame each outcome is assessed, and at the conclusion of the cycle the program's learning outcomes and the goals are reviewed to begin a program review.

+Assessment Guidebook

Assessment Guidebook 2018-2019

+Assessment Software

Accessing Academic Effect - WEAVE

In order to log on to the Weave follow these directions.

  1. Go to MyChatham, MyTools, Choose Academic Effect from the list to the right. Or
  2. Everyone in the university has a profile- do not choose 'Register' or 'I forgot my password'.
  3. Login with your Chatham username and password.
  4. If this is this is your first time using the software or the first time using the software the new secure connection within Chatham, you may have to type your password in again.

+Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee includes the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, The Director of Institutional research, a minimum of one student affairs representative, faculty at the undergraduate level and the graduate level, and staff members to represent the service and nonacademic areas of the university.

The committee meets monthly from September until April and their responsibilities are as follows:

  • To review and provide feedback on the assessment plans from across the university using their established rubric.
  • To review and analyze institutional assessment data including surveys.
  • To make recommendations to the university for improvements based on assessment data.

Minutes of the meetings, committee work, and committee member lists are available in Weave by Academic Effect, assessment software.

Go to MyChatham, MyTools,
Choose Academic Effect from the list to the right. Or
Once you are in Academic Effect (Weave)
Click on the three lines at the top left hand side of the page.
Choose files
Choose folders

Once you find the assessment committee folder you will be able to click on the minutes

+Assessment Presentations