Chatham University

Student-Initiated Separations

+Leave of Absence

A voluntary leave of absence may be taken for the following reasons: study at another domestic institution, work, travel, or other personal reasons. Students desiring a leave of absence must meet with their academic advisor and the program director or department chair to complete the required form. The deadline for requesting a leave of absence is the last working day prior to the first day of classes for the semester in which the leave will begin. If the leave is granted, the student must return to the University within one year without reapplying for admission. Students who do not return at the end of the leave will be withdrawn from the program and must reapply for reinstatement. An exception to this time period will be made for students called to active duty in the military. Note: Refer to the Program Handbook for guidelines pertaining to specific programs.

When a student in the Reserves or in the National Guard is called to active duty, the student must notify the Program Director or Department Chair and provide proof of deployment prior to being deployed. The proof may be faxed, mailed, or hand-carried to the Program Director or Department Chair. Proof may take the form of general orders cut by the company commander. When a student is activated during the semester, Financial Aid, University Registrar, and Student Accounts policies will take effect. Please contact these three offices for specific information. If a student is called to active duty near the end of the semester, the student and faculty members may determine that incomplete (I) grades are more appropriate. In this case, tuition will not be waived. International Students must meet with the International Student Services Coordinator to discuss a leave of absence. Current immigration regulations do not permit international students to take a leave of absence and remain in the United States, except in the case of a documented medical leave. New immigration documents will be needed if a student is out of the U.S. for more than 5 months.

+Medical Schedule Cancellation

Due to an extreme personal medical situation, a student may seek a Medical Schedule Cancellation. Medical Schedule Cancellations require supporting documentation and approval from the Vice President of Student Affairs/ Dean of Students, and students are only permitted to request two of them throughout their time at Chatham. Upon completion of this form, the student’s scheduled courses in the current semester will be cancelled. When the student is preparing to return to the university, the Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students may require additional documentation from the student, as the intention of the University is to make the student’s health and well-being a priority. Once the Vice President of Student Affairs/ Dean of Students approves the student to return, the student will consult with their academic advisor before registering for courses.

+Withdrawal from the University

A withdrawal is a separation from the University. A student withdraws in an attempt to preserve the academic integrity of their record. Students will receive W's for their entire schedule of registered courses. This action is recorded on the student's transcript.

After consultation with their academic advisor, a student who wishes to withdraw from the University should contact their program director or department chair to complete a Withdrawal from the University form. The last day to withdraw is the last day of classes for the semester in which the withdrawal is sought. Any refund will be made in accordance with both the University’s and federal government’s refund policies.

Students who return to the University after withdrawal must contact the office of Admissions to begin the process of reinstatement. All graduate student must be reaccepted by the program.