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Summer 2018 Courses

Pittsburgh and its region was the birthplace of the American coal, oil and steel industry. In its heyday, it was one of the most polluted cities on the planet. Today it is transformed and now one of the leading city proponents of sustainability: an ideal place to study the evolution and future of sustainability.

These courses are open to all students prepared to study at the undergraduate level.

On-campus offerings are held at Eden Hall Campus, taught by faculty in the Falk School of Sustainability & Environment.

Intensive One-Week Courses

SUS150 Food Farm and Field (3 credits) (July 15th - July 21st): This Eden Hall Experience course offers students a chance to learn about and explore the certified organic farm at the Eden Hall Campus. We will discuss organic and sustainable agriculture, and explore the relationship between those agricultural concepts and social, economic and environmental issues (i.e. Sustainability) more broadly. Classroom discussions will be supplemented with experiential field work, where students will have opportunities to develop practical skills in organic farming and gardening.

SUS132 Forest Conservation and Trail Management (3 credits) (July 22nd - July 28th): Students will learn the history, methods, and techniques of sustainable trail development and its importance in the broader context of resource management on public lands. Through classroom sessions students will be exposed to a variety of sustainable trail methodologies and through hands-on projects students will gain the hands-on skills necessary to become qualified trail crew leaders.

SUS125 Sustainable Leadership Academy (July 29th - August 4th): Explore topics and careers in the sustainability field through experiential sessions at the Eden Hall Campus and around Pittsburgh. Develop a strategic project action plan that targets personal leadership goals and drives community transformation around complex problems. Topics include: green buildings, food systems, urban planning, social justice, energy, ecology, transportation. The Sustainable Leadership Academy is an experiential retreat at Eden Hall Campus, and includes six nights' overnight accommodation, meals, admission to city attractions, professional mentoring, Chatham swag (including a t-shirt), and transportation for field trips. Additional information and pricing can be found here.

Seven-Week Online Courses

SUS100 Sustainability and Systems (3 credits): Through the lens of the natural and cultural history of Eden Hall and its surroundings, students learn about cultural, social, economic, natural and other systems. The course will focus on land use over time, the economic and social drivers and impacts of those land uses, and the implications for environmental wellbeing.

SUS203 Global Environmental Health (3 credits): This course addresses the connection between health and environment. Topics include: environmental epidemiology, toxicology, policy, radiation and energy disease, and water, air, soil qualities. The work of scientists and public health specialists to discover, assess, and reduce risk to environment health problems are explored. Case studies provide context and background for environmental health issues past and present.

Summer Course Tuition

  • $270 per credit; $810 per 3-credit course. The Sustainable Leadership Academy entails additional costs.


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