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The School of Arts, Science & Business (SASB) at Chatham University is home to many undergraduate degrees and several thriving graduate programs. We are known for small, dynamic classes, one-on-one advising by expert faculty, flexibility, and a hands-on, open-door approach, because students come first at SASB.

The School is proud to house more than 40 undergraduate majors, including arts management, interior architecture, management information systems, and biochemistry, and 13 graduate degrees, such as green chemistry, creative writing, film & digital technology, and business.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Majors

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Graduate – Master's Degree Programs

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Integrated Degree Programs (IDP)

A limited number of seats have been reserved for undergraduate students interested in guaranteed admission to graduate studies through the Integrated Degree Programs at Chatham. These include:

The Chatham Plan

The Chatham Plan offers a distinguishing educational profile for all undergraduate students, providing them world and work readiness through four credits of Job Skills & Career Preparation delivered collaboratively by a world-class faculty and talented staff, culminating in a 3-credit Internship or Experiential Learning practicum.

Chatham Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in international travel with faculty. Students earn college credits during these trips while they focus on a specific topic within an academic discipline. Past and upcoming trips include South Africa, Belgium, Iceland, Taiwan, and Italy.

SASB Highlights

The Words Without Walls program, in which MFA in Creative Writing students go into the Allegheny County Jail to teach inmates creative writing, is only one of several outreach programs developed and run by Chatham students that offers transformative experiences for both students and underserved populations.


Across the nation, schools are only now beginning to realize what Chatham has always known: infusing education in arts and humanities into science, technology, engineering, arts, and math majors produces graduates who are articulate, creatively nimble, and better poised to succeed in a constantly-evolving world.



SASB graduates have held professional roles in organizations from theatre companies to Oracle, and have gone on to further their education in the following programs and schools:

  • Heinz School of Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Geoscience at Princeton University
  • Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Lake Erie College of Medicine
  • New England College of Law and Ohio Northern University
  • English at University of Nebraska
  • Creative Writing at University of Cincinnati
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry at the University of Washington




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