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The Falk School of Sustainability & Environment offers myriad ways to finance your education while acquiring valuable experience. For more information, talk to your admissions counselor.

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The following scholarships are available on a competitive basis to students applying to the Falk School graduate programs for full-time enrollment:

  • Three full scholarships, covering 41 credits of tuition (currently $38,130)
  • Six partial scholarships, covering 20.5 credits of tuition (currently $19,065)
  • Selection for these awards will be based on students' academic achievement and financial need.

The Eden Hall Fellows program provides five scholarships to incoming, full-time students each year who can demonstrate that they are committed to carrying on the legacy of Sebastian Mueller's achievements in business, social entrepreneurship, and commitment to improving the quality of life in our region.

Each award is worth a total of $25,000, comprised of a $10,000 per year tuition scholarship and an additional $5,000 if a student participates in an internship (required for some programs). The internship should provide the opportunity to engage in social entrepreneurship, community service, or work with or for a non-profit business making changes in sustainability. Students with a minimum 3.5 grade point average (4.0 scale) are eligible to apply for this scholarship, and must submit an application and essay by February 1 to be considered.

Each year, approximately ten graduate assistant positions are awarded to incoming, full-time graduate students in the Falk School. These positions offer the opportunity to work directly with a faculty member in their ongoing research or administrative projects related to the Eden Hall Campus, and provide the student with $5,000 per year in remitted tuition. Preference is given to incoming students, and awards may be renewable for a second academic year.
Each year, five currently enrolled graduate students will receive a $5,000 grant to carry out their own summer research or community development activities in the broad field of sustainability.
Each year, eight currently enrolled graduate students will receive a grant of up to $3,000 to complete community-based internships that are otherwise unpaid. Such internships are typically with community groups and NGOs in Pittsburgh working on sustainability issues.
Students are strongly encouraged to apply their own research ideas in partnership with a faculty member, and attend conferences to present their research, thus gaining experience in presenting papers, networking, and making connections with the wider community. Each year, up to 20 grants will be awarded to currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students to attend and present at conferences. The amount of each grant varies, with the typical award ranging from $300 to $700.
For each of the next four years, we have two all-expense paid awards available for graduate students to participate in a student exchange in Norway and India, to be completed during the fall term of their second year in the program (August-December).

The semester abroad will begin at the Norwegian University of Science & Technology in Trondheim, Norway, where students will participate in the master's program in Urban Ecological Planning (UEP). They will then travel to India for 6-8 weeks, to attend lectures and begin data based investigations/field work with students from SPA-Delhi and network partner VNIT-Nagpur. They will present this data analysis at a national seminar with stakeholders before traveling back to Norway to write their final reports.
As a vital component of building a living-learning campus, the Falk School wants all of its students, both in the school and in residence at Eden Hall, to have meaningful work on campus as part of their education. Up to 20 students (graduate and undergraduate) will have employment positions at the Eden Hall Campus-on the farm, in the forest, and with the data systems and buildings. Position descriptions and applications will be available in late summer.
The Falk School of Sustainability & Environment is proud to participate in the Coverdell Fellows Program for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. FSSE will provide up to five (5) Coverdell Fellowships each year to RPCV who have been accepted to the Master of Sustainability, Master of Arts in Food Studies, or dual-degree MSUS+MBA and MAFS+MBA programs. Each Fellowship will be worth 25% of the cost of tuition and mandatory fees. For more information, please contact FSSE Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions Patricia Golla at pgolla@chatham.edu.