Joseph Schreiber, PT, PhD

Photo of Joseph Schreiber
Professor and Program Director
Eastside - 148

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA

Joined Chatham:  2001


Physical therapy for children, knowledge translation and implications of evidence based practice for pediatric physical therapists, and pediatric physical therapy entry level education


Exercise & fitness, hiking, environmental issues


Dr. Schreiber has over 30 years of experience in the practice of pediatric physical therapy. During that time he has worked in a wide variety of clinical and academic settings including the Western PA School for Blind Children, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, The Children's Therapy Center, The Children's Institute, and currently here at Chatham University. Throughout that time span, Dr. Schreiber has collaborated with many talented and dedicated colleagues to advance the quality of services physical therapists provide for children. He has held leadership positions in the physical therapy professional organization (APTA) at the state and national level. His research has focused on supporting practitioners in their ability to use scientific research evidence to guide and enhance clinical decision making, and on improving entry level pediatric physical therapy education. Finally, most recently Dr. Schreiber was a co-editor and author-contributor to "Campbell's Physical Therapy For Children 5th Edition". This textbook is used nationally and internationally to support and guide pediatric physical therapy practice.

  • Ph.D., in Rehabilitation Science, Duquesne University, 2007
  • MS in Pediatric Physical Therapy, Hahnemann University, 1992
  • BS in Physical Therapy, University of Pittsburgh, 1986
  • American Physical Therapy Association member since 1986
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  • Board Certification as Pediatric Clinical Specialist, February 1994 to July 1 2014
  • Award for Excellence in Pediatric Physical Therapy, Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association Pediatric Special Interest Group, 2011
  • Bud Dehaven Award in recognition of outstanding service; Section on Pediatrics of the American Physical Therapy Association. 2016
  • Lucy Blair Service Award in recognition of exceptional contributions to the association. American Physical Therapy Association. 2017
  • Served as President of the Section on Pediatrics, American Physical Therapy Association, February 2011 to February 2017
  • Served as Chair of the Education Committee for the Section on Pediatrics, American Physical Therapy Association; February 2008 to February 2011
  • Served as chair of the Pediatric Special Interest Group for the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association: October 2003 to March 2007
  • Schreiber J & Brilmyer J. Knowledge Translation Innovations in an Academic-Clinical Partnership. Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Annual Conference. November 2017.
  • Connolly B, Mulligan H, Elbasan B, Van Schie P, Schreiber J. Global perspective on best practices in pediatric evaluation tools and interventions. World Congress of Physical Therapy. May 2015
  • Poster Presentation: “Variability of Vestibular Rehabilitation Outcomes Based on Patient’s Perceptions of Symptoms and Functional Limitations” Carender W, Sabourin P, Schreiber J, Marchetti G, Alsalaheen B Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association February 2015
  • Pediatric Obesity Part II: Clinical Care Models and Education Curricula. Blanton S, Brown K, York S, Resnik C, Shah D, and Schreiber J. Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association February 2015
  • The Congenital Muscular Torticollis Clinical Practice Guidelines: Implementation strategies for your Practice Setting Section on Pediatrics Annual Conference November 2013
  • Lost in Translation: Implementation of Research Findings in Today’s World of Clinical Reality: Eugene Michels Forum- Invited Panelist Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association January 2013