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Alumni Testimonials

Chatham University Master of Occupational Therapy

"I am so grateful to have been a part of Chatham's MOT program. The tight-knit community at Chatham - especially within the MOT department - made me feel supported, challenged, and encouraged. The professors genuinely wanted me and my classmates to succeed which was an empowering feeling. As a new clinician, I feel very prepared and excited because of my experiences at Chatham. "

– Anne Brady, MOT Class of 2017

"I am forever grateful for my graduate experience at Chatham in preparing me to provide true holistic OT treatment for others. The MOT curriculum is embedded with several experiential learning opportunities and consistently emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the connection between mental and emotional health with physical well-being. Today, I still remain in touch with several of the OT faculty members who continue to provide support in my growth as a clinician."

– Elizabeth Sherman, MOT Class of 2016

"Throughout my career as an MOT student at Chatham, I was challenged in ways that helped to fully prepare me for a wide range of clinical settings. The entire faculty is knowledgeable, professional, and truly invested in the success of its students. Now, as a practicing clinician, I am even more appreciative of the emphasis that our faculty placed not simply on professionalism and clinical skills, but on the importance of evidence based practice. Chatham's MOT program has helped to prepare me for the fast paced and ever-changing nature of today's world of healthcare."

– Lindsay Morris, MOT Class of 2016