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Michael Collyer

Michael Collyer

Associate Professor and Director of MS Biology Program
Hometown : Detroit, MI
Joined Chatham : 2016

Academic Areas of Interest

Ecology, Evolution, Biostatistics. Morphometrics, Computer programming.

Personal Areas of Interest

All things involving nature. Biostatistics (yes, it's a hobby too), Morphometrics (yes, it's a hobby too), Computer programming (yes, it's a hobby too).

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My research seeks to understand the evolutionary implications of species facing changing ecologies. In general (but not always) I focus on morphological evolution. I develop statistical methods for analyzing high-dimensional data, and apply these methods to empirical studies that examine phenotypic change of species confronted with ecological change. In addition, I develop statistical software, using the computer language, R, for analysis of multivariate data. I occasionally conduct international workshops, featuring thsi software, for the analysis of high-dimensional morphometric data.


  • Ph.D., North Dakota State University, 2003