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Bachelor of Arts in Immersive Media

The B.A. in Immersive Media (IMM) is an interdisciplinary program that equips students with knowledge of design thinking, computer programming, interactive game design technology, creative methods, and cutting-edge hardware to create immersive experiences for a variety of applications and industries.

As more and more industries embrace immersive platforms we are seeing an incredible amount of demand for professionals who are natives to these technologies. Students who leave the Immersive Media program will go and work as professionals in some of the world's most exciting fields, including: entertainment, healthcare, game design, architecture, training and education, marketing, and more.

The IMM program provides access to advanced virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) hardware; a prototyping and design lab that includes 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutting; a large library of design and programming software, and access to a massive library of VR and AR software titles.

Immersive Media (Virtual Design) Scholarship
Up to $2,000 annually

For students who plan to major in the Immersive Media program. Students must submit portfolio (art or design work) or essay on why you want to study Immersive Media at Chatham. Learn more about qualifications and requirements here »

Find the Future

Why Immersive Media? We see that the future of technology is more active, connected, social, and presence-inducing. As more and more businesses embrace immersive platforms to enhance learning, assist work, and create experiences, we are seeing an incredible amount of demand for professionals who are trained for the technical and content demands related to these technologies.

$40 billion market size estimated by 2020.

More than a dozen major tech companies have dedicated VR & AR operations.

500 million devices are currently AR and/or VR capable.

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Learn more about Immersive Media field and Chatham's Immersive Media bachelor's degree at our Immersive Media blog. Visit »


Create Your Future

"Students in the Immersive Media program will get to help create the future as we push together towards the edge of where technology is going. We will find new ways of telling stories, build meaningful interactions, design new ways of doing work, and create worlds we've never seen. We focus on collaborative work, accessibility, design thinking, and meaningful projects to make sure that when you leave you are ready for what's ahead."

– Douglas North Cook, assistant professor of immersive media

"The Immersive Media program resides in an unoccupied space that is in huge demand by employers worldwide. We have developed a malleable curriculum that has the ability to quickly react to the ever changing landscape of immersive media. We invite you to be one of the first to experience what it is to exist at the intersection of technology, liberal arts, and design as we create new immersive experiences."

– Kyra Tucker, program director, interior architecture and immersive media