School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Chatham University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) provides innovative online degree, certificate, and non-credit academic programs for working people of all skill and knowledge levels.

Programs & Accreditation

SCPS offers graduate and undergraduate low-residency and distance learning programs in Nursing, Health Sciences, Business & Communication, Creative & Design Arts, and Education.

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Tailored to Your Schedule

Our online courses and programs focus on providing students with current and contemporary knowledge immediately applicable to their fields and are tailored to students already demanding professional and personal lives.

Renowned Day Camp

SCPS is also home to Chatham's renowned Summer Music and Arts Day Camp, educational summer camp programming held at our Shadyside Campus for students in kindergarten through ninth grade.

Nola the Nurse and Scharmaine Baker-Lawson, DNP '08

Waving to the crowd, Nola the Nurse® reaches the front of the church, and starts to dance with her creator, Dr. Scharmaine Lawson-Baker, DNP ’08. They sway, bump hips, clap. Soon the music settles down and so do the kids, which is good, because Nola and Baker are up from New Orleans to do some educating.

Patients. Ping. Protocols. PHP. Passion.

"As a health professional for over 40 years, I’ve seen many changes. I’ve watched as hospital patients’ rooms have changed from bare walls with up to eight beds to rooms of only one bed, the walls covered in electronics, including oxygen outlets, electronic suction ports, Wi-Fi heart monitors, and electronic IV pumps that control flow rates (and connect to electronic health records). And let’s not forget the new electronic beds that weigh you, speak to you when you try to get up or set off an alarm when you try to get out of bed. That’s healthcare informatics."