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PACE Center About Us


The mission of the PACE Center is to create a support system that promotes academic access, student success and retention, self-advocacy, and lifelong learning for the Chatham student body. We do this through a holistic approach to disability support services, and a student-centered academic support model that provides peer-to-peer assistance across disciplines.

The PACE Center also strives to create an inclusive campus environment that meets the accessibility needs of a diverse community. Collaboration with faculty, staff, and students within the Chatham community is essential to our mission.


Cindy Kerr
Director, Disability Support Services & PACE Center

Cindy started with Chatham in 1995 as the secretary for The Learning Center. Her primary responsibilities in the beginning included overseeing the smooth operation of the office and maintaining the files for the ACT 101 program. Throughout her years of service, she has increased her knowledge in the areas of academic and disability support services.

Cindy recently became the Director of the PACE Center but still continues to meet with students on an individual basis.

Cindy earned a BS in Psychology from Clarion University and an MBA from Chatham University. She enjoys crocheting, reading, and taming the feral cats in her neighborhood.

Shannon Brenner
Coordinator, PACE Center & Disability Support Services

Shannon joined Chatham University in 2015 as the Coordinator of the PACE Center. Her primary responsibilities include oversight of the PACE Tutoring & Writing Centers, and working individually with students who need academic coaching, writing help, or disability support. She also teaches Chatham's Transitions course, as well as a Peer Tutor Training course.

Shannon has over 10 years of experience teaching and working with students of all ages and abilities. Prior to coming to PACE, She spent six years as the Assistant Director of Career Services for a graduate program at the University of Pittsburgh, and as adjunct faculty for the University of Phoenix. Before that, she spent several years as a high school English teacher and after-school program instructor.

Shannon earned a BA in English-Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, and an MAT in secondary English from Chatham University. She is currently working on an MFA in Creative Writing at Chatham as well. In her spare time, Shannon enjoys reading, camping, binge-watching Netflix, and learning about dinosaurs with her five-year-old son.

Barb Sahlaney
Academic Counselor

The goal of this position is to help students learn, and adopt, tools and strategies for academic success. The office is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Everyone, from the highest achievers to those who are struggling, are welcome. A supportive environment is provided for the student to explore his/her academic concerns. The meetings are tailored to fit individual personalities, potential, circumstances and needs. Anything that a student feels is interfering in his/her academic experience is valid for discussion. Common issues include: academic anxiety, procrastination, time-management, juggling responsibilities and study skill insecurities. Appointments can be made by calling or stopping by the PACE Center.

Nick Maydak
Education & Writing Specialist

Cassandra Lieb
Graduate Student Assistant

Joe Holland
Graduate Student Assistant

Kelsey Stanton
Student Employee

Daniel Shaffer
Student Employee