Chatham University

PACE Center Frequently Asked Questions

+How do I register to get disability accommodations?

Please read our section on requesting accommodations for information on registering your disability with PACE.

+I have a disability but I've never registered with PACE. Can I get accommodations mid-way through the semester?

Yes - you can register your disability with PACE at any time, though we recommend doing it before the start of the semester. But please note that accommodations are NOT retroactive. If you register with us mid-way through the semester, the accommodations will only be in effect from the date you register with us.

+I am an online student, can I still utilize PACE services?

Yes! PACE services are available for all Chatham students. To register a disability and receive accommodations for online courses, follow the same procedure listed in the "requesting accommodations" section of our website. Your intake appointment can be conducted via phone. To utilize tutoring or writing center support, contact Shannon Brenner at to learn about our online options.

+Is tutoring guaranteed for all courses and subjects?

No. While we offer peer tutors for many subjects and courses at Chatham, tutoring is never guaranteed. If you do not see your subject or course listed on the PACE Tutoring Center schedule, please contact Shannon Brenner at to see if there are any other tutoring options available.

+Are there fees associated with any PACE services?

No! All PACE services are free to all Chatham students.

+I had to miss class on an exam day. Can I schedule to take a make-up exam at PACE?

No - PACE is not a general testing center. General make-up exams must be arranged with your instructor. Our testing rooms are ONLY available for students who have registered with us and receive accommodations related to testing.

+How can I get a tutor for a course?

Please visit our Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction page for information regarding securing a tutor. You can also visit the Tutoring Center schedule to check for tutor availability.

+I am struggling with time management, do you help with that?

Yes! PACE staff can help you with myriad challenges facing college students, including: time management, study skills, test taking strategies, stress management, and more. Please visit our Academic Coaching section for more information.

+How can I get help with writing a paper?

The PACE Writing Center is available to help you with all phases of the writing process. Please visit the Writing Center page for detailed information on the writing center and scheduling process.

+I am the family member of a student, can I talk with someone about my student's services?

PACE staff members are happy to speak with parents and caregivers of prospective students about the services we provide. We do ask that, whenever possible, the student attends the appointment as well. The PACE Center operates under a "Nothing about us, without us" policy. Communication about a student always involves the student directly. Additionally, current students are protected under FERPA - we cannot discuss whether a student is utilizing our services, or his/her progress. Once students have enrolled at Chatham, it is their responsibility to contact our office for assistance. However, we are happy to discuss individual student progress with family members if the student is present and authorizes the communication.

+Are your services confidential?

Disability services are always confidential. Students' diagnoses will never be disclosed to anyone outside the PACE professional staff without the students' written consent. Because PACE is located in the Chatham University library, and we provide a number of additional services related to academic support, students can visit our office inconspicuously. All of our services are provided on a "need-to-know" basis. We do not discuss tutoring, writing help, or academic coaching with faculty or anyone else outside necessary staff and peer educators, without students' permission.