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Chatham Undergraduate Ambassadors 2015-16
Chatham Ambassadors are current undergraduate students who are enthusiastic about their college experiences and want to share them with you. We serve as representatives for Chatham University and help you by sharing our campus knowledge first hand. Our mission as Chatham Ambassadors is to provide prospective students with a positive experience, both on and off campus, and to give you with a true, authentic view of campus life.

What we do:

If you are interested in Chatham University, the Chatham Ambassadors offer several ways to help you learn more about the school:

Campus Tours

Undergraduate tours are Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. While you are visiting the campus, you can also meet with an Undergraduate Admission Counselor. Schedule a visit!

Overnight visits

We offer the opportunity to stay overnight on Chatham’s campus and to attend a class with an Ambassador. You'll stay in a mansion residence hall, attend classes, eat in the dining hall, check out the student activities, and just hang out with other students. Schedule an overnight!

Contact Us

There are several ways to contact a Chatham Ambassador:
By Phone: 1-800-837-1290
Mail: Chatham Ambassadors
Office of Admission: Berry Hall
Woodland Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Our Ambassadors!

Juliet '16

Juliet '16

Co-curriculars: Chatham Christian Fellowship, Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Passing down class colors

Favorite Place on Campus: Martha and Kent's House (Where CCF hosts Thursday night Bible Studies)

Why did you choose Chatham: As a transfer student, I knew exactly what I was looking for in a school when I was trying to pick one. From Chatham's location in the city, to the beautiful campus, and most importantly the intimate education, I was hooked after my first visit.


Caitlin '19

Caitlin '19

Co-curriculars: W.R.A.P. Mentorship Program, Student- Ambassador

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Opening Convocation

Favorite Faculty Member: Admissions counselor Gabby Matich

Favorite Place on Campus: Carriage House

Why I chose Chatham: I chose Chatham because of the small class sizes, and I enjoy the personalized interaction between the students and staff.


Cory Doman '13

Cory Doman '13

Hello there!

My name is Cory Doman and I am a Senior at Chatham! I am also an Ambassador and wanted to see if you had any questions about student life or academics at Chatham!

I am a Professional Broadcast Communications and Public Relations major and Business Marketing minor! I love the Communications Department so much! Everyone is so eager to help and want to see me succeed! I have had two internships that the faculty members helped me to secure.

My first internship was at Penn Brewery in the North Side of Pittsburgh. I took photographs of the food, bottling process and brew masters for their social media websites and menu! I learned so much and made so many memories from this internship. Getting to taste test the menu items was pretty awesome too! I highly recommend their BLT… it has TWO kinds of bacon!

My second internship was at Phipps Conservatory. I was the photographer and videographer for the summer! I would not exchange this experience for the world. I had such an amazing time working with kids and made connections that will last me a lifetime!

I am involved a lot on campus! I am an Ambassador, Resident Assistant and Vice President of Chatham Marketing Association. I am also on the tennis team! I think Chatham is very unique in the sense that I can hold so many titles and still excel in my academics. I think that it is so important to have the support system Chatham offers.

One of my favorite experiences at Chatham was by far my study abroad trip! During Maymester my four best friends and I signed up to go to Indonesia for two weeks! We went with a small group from Chatham and two professors to Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bali.

I think that Chatham University has such a dynamic and diverse curriculum that has helped shape me into one unique woman with a ton of stories to tell my future employers!

If you have any questions about life here, please do not hesitate to ask me! I will fill you in during a tour or an overnight! Maybe I will see you around soon!


Evalynn '18

Evalynn '18

Co-curriculars: Rotaract Club, Ukulele Club, Rea & Laughlin Residence Hall Council

Favorite Chatham Tradition(s): Battle of the Classes: Song Contest, Candlelight, and Buckets & Blossoms

Favorite Faculty Member(s): Ms. Kristen Spirl, Mr. James Rue, & Dr. Molly Mehling

Favorite Place on Campus: the rain garden.

Why I chose Chatham: I didn’t; it chose me. It presented me with a home and a unique opportunity to make myself a scholar of a new field of study, so I took it.


Calvin '19

Calvin '19

Co-curriculars: Intermural Soccer

Favorite Chatham Tradition: BOTC (Battle Of The Classes)

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Johnson

Favorite Place on Campus: The Pond

Why I chose Chatham: I chose Chatham for the outstanding Biology department and its programs


Allie '17

Allie '17

Co-curriculars: Venturing, BSA; Business and Entrepreneurship (B&E); Sustainability Events; I’m also constructing a bridge at Eden Hall this semester for a service project

Division III Athletics: Does Quittich Count?

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Spending quality time with other students in the dining halls (Its not an official tradition, but just as valid)

Favorite Staff Member: Anyone who works in the Kitchen

Favorite Place on Campus: The tree swing at Eden Hall

Why I chose Chatham: I wanted to be a part of a small campus community that embraced and exemplified sustainability, even though I didn’t know what it meant at the time.


Emily '17

Emily '17

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Sled riding down Chapel Hill

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Stubbs (psychology professor), because she will do anything and everything for her students. She is always so energetic, and is super passionate about her career. I, along with many other students, look up to her as a very positive role model.

Favorite Place on Campus: My favorite place at Chatham is the Mellon Hall Sun Porch because it is beautiful and a great place to study.

Why I chose Chatham: The main reason I chose Chatham University was because of the accelerated occupational therapy program here. I have the opportunity to receive my masters in five years versus the typical six years. This saves me a whole year in schooling and tuition and allows me to begin my career early. Once I visited Chatham, I also fell in love with the small class sizes, the individualized attention, and of course the beautiful architecture all over campus.


Candace '18

Candace '18

Co-curriculars: R.I.S.E. mentor/mentee program, Chatham dance team

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Global Focus Picnic

Favorite Faculty Member: I don’t have just one!

Favorite Place on Campus: Athletic Fitness Center (AFC)

Why I chose Chatham: I fell in love with the campus, faculty, and staff after just one visit!


Ava '18

Ava '18

Co-curriculars: Division III Athletics, SAAC, Chatham Christian Fellowship, PLEN Ambassador

Division III Athletics: Varsity Volleyball

Favorite Place on Campus: The Athletic Fitness Center

Why I chose Chatham: I chose Chatham for its location in Shadyside, and because of the amazing study abroad opportunities!


Dasha '16

Dasha '16

Co-curriculars: Artist Collective, NaNoWriMo

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Eggnog

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Lenz

Favorite Place on Campus: The dorms

Why I chose Chatham: The campus was gorgeous


Sarah '16

Sarah '16

Co-curriculars: Chatham Student Government, Pittsburgh Student Government Council, Student Affairs Publicist, Global Focus Assistant, Vira I. Heinz Women in Global Leadership Awardee, Pittsburgh Pirates Intern

Division III Athletics: Women's Varsity Soccer

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Fall Serenade

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Jean-Jacques Ngor Séne

Favorite Place on Campus: Rea Coffehouse

Why I chose Chatham: The pillars of excellence-Sustainability & the Environment, Global Understanding, and Women's Leadership


Michaelina '17

Michaelina '17

Co-curriculars: CSG- Vice President Class of 2017, Drama Club, Marketing Assistant in Admissions

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Eggnog and the Holiday Ball

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Sweet-Cushman

Favorite Place on Campus: Buhl Hall study area

Why I chose Chatham: I chose Chatham because I love the close-knit community that we have here. It feels like home and there is always a familiar face passing by. The class sizes are small which allows you to get to know your professors and receive the individual attention you need as a student to grow.


Molly '18

Molly '18

Co-curriculars: Student Government, RA

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Candlelight

Favorite Faculty Member: Dean Waite 

Favorite Place on Campus: The pond

Why I chose Chatham:  I chose Chatham because of the welcoming nature of the faculty and staff and how beautiful the campus is.


Anna '18

Anna '18

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Spring Fling

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Utz

Favorite Place on Campus: Café Rachel

Why I chose Chatham: Chatham has more to offer than any college I’ve looked at. I feel that Chatham does a lot of work to make sure the students have all the resources they need for their major.


Kelly '19

Kelly '19

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Egg Nog and Candle light

Favorite Faculty Member: Kim Small

Favorite Place on Campus: The Carriage house right next to the fire place

Why did you choose Chatham: I choose Chatham because it offers great opportunities and is filled with wonderful people.


London '19

London '19

Co-curriculars: R.I.S.E Program

Division III Athletics: Varsity Volleyball

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Sledding down Chapel Hill on the trays.

Favorite Faculty Member: My Undergraduate Admissions Counselor Gabby Matich

Favorite Place on Campus: James Laughlin Music Hall

Why I chose Chatham: I chose Chatham because it was a warm environment where I knew I would receive a quality education from great people. I also liked that the school was small and inviting, and I was able to communicate with my professors and develop new relationships and connections.


Jodikaye '17

Jodikaye '17

Co-curriculars: WRAP, RISE, Undergraduate Pre-Med Club, Chatham Choir, Black Student Union (BSU)

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Choir Cabaret

Favorite Faculty Member: Professor Stubbs

Favorite Place on Campus: Balcony of Buhl looking over Pittsburgh / The Pond

Why I chose Chatham: Because it was a place where I knew I would be accepted for who I was. An academically enthused girl who wants to make the most of herself with a sprinkle of unbridled fun.


Megan '18

Megan '18

Co-curriculars: Soccer/basketball team member and captain of both, exercise science club member, and SAAC representative.

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Opening and closing convocation

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Ryan

Favorite Place on Campus: Mellon Sunroom

Why I chose Chatham: I came here because I wanted to be close to home but close to the city. I also came here because the science programs have a great reputation. I was also very fortunate that I could play two sports as well as broadening my education.


Jackie '17

Jackie '17

Co-curriculars: Chatham Student Government, Black Student Union, Relay For Life, Her Campus, Communique, F.A.C.E

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Holiday Ball and Eggnog 

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Bruckner 

Favorite Place on Campus: Cafe Rachel

Why I chose Chatham: I chose Chatham because the strive for equality amongst all walks of life is important to me and I really like the small class rooms and I personally feel every individual you come in contact with here is ready and more than willing to help you fuel your passion what ever it may be


Tabitha '19

Tabitha '19

Co-curriculars: Chatham Scholar

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Chatham Eggnog

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Rossbach

Favorite Place on Campus: Melon House

Why I chose Chatham: I liked the friendly atmosphere and the programs for my majors. Chatham is a very globally aware environment and there are several opportunities for students to travel abroad.


Jeremy '19

Jeremy '19

Co-curriculars: AEPhi, Student Ambassador

Favorite Faculty Member: David Fraser

Favorite Place on Campus: Carriage House

Why I chose Chatham: Beautiful campus, great community.