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Chatham University prepares its students, on campus and around the world, to excel in their professions and to be engaged, environmentally responsible, globally conscious, life-long learners, and citizen leaders for democracy. Chatham offers superb career preparation informed by the liberal arts.

Arts Management

Student in Art Gallery in Arts Management major

The arts management major is an interdisciplinary program, combining courses from business and the arts. The major is designed specifically to prepare students for leadership roles through expertise in strategic planning, management, marketing and artistic planning. Students will ascribe meaning to the visual elements, in all their guises and combinations, recognize historic styles, and the cultural forces that shaped them. Students will also identify business opportunities within the art world and focus on planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the use of resources to accomplish performance goals in art organizations. View more »


Student using video camera in Bachelor of Communication program

Communication is a degree targeted to new opportunities in a media-savvy world. Students in the major take a common set of core courses that prepares them for careers in an industry where convergence in print, broadcast, and online media is growing. Students then choose one of three concentrations: journalism, public relations and Graphic Design. View more »

Media Arts

The Media Arts major provides the opportunity for students to develop creative, conceptual, and technical skills across coursework in film, photography and graphic design – fostering a critical awareness of contemporary, convergent media practices. The major explores the creative tension between individual expression and the social and political forces that shape global, mediated networks within culture. Students are asked to become agents for change within the context of their discipline, asking critical questions of the impact of media in an increasingly global arena. Graduates will be prepared to assume leadership roles in media arts production industries or to pursue graduate programs in related fields. View more »

Interior Architecture

The Bachelor of Interior Architecture is a professional interior design program that prepares students to excel in the profession of interior design, be engaged stewards of the environment, and provide lasting contributions to a global society. Central to this mission is a holistic, evidence-based program that integrates knowledge and appreciation of architectural and design theory with ethical, responsible, and entrepreneurial practice. View more »


Students in the Chatham University Music Program engage with music from myriad perspectives while developing critical thinking and effective communication skills through the undergraduate college's liberal arts environment. All music students receive a strong foundation in musicianship, music theory and music history, and participate in private vocal or instrumental instruction with some of the region's best performers including members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. View more »

Visual Arts

Visual Arts major thumbnail image

The Visual Arts major is designed to prepare students to work as visual communicators and artists in a complex, rapidly changing global culture. The mission of the major is to empower students through the integration of technical applications and critical theories, to provide students with marketable skills, to assume creative, scholarly, and leadership roles in the visual arts field, and to promote an understanding of the role that the visual arts play in all facets of contemporary life. View more »

Art Museum Studies (minor)

The Art Museum Studies minor provides students with the skills, experience, and specific professional knowledge necessary to work in the art museum field. The minor balances museum history and theory with practical experience designing and installing exhibitions, and planning of programming. It is an appropriate accompaniment to majors in Arts Management, and Visual Arts, and to double majors in Art History and other disciplines. Integral to coursework are field trips to local museums, museum professionals as adjunct faculty and guest speakers, and the use of the Chatham University Art Gallery and Chatham's art collections. View more »

Teaching Certification in Art

Student drawing in Teaching Certification in Art

Talented students interested in sharing their curiosity about learning with others should explore Chatham's art teacher certification program. For certification in art K-12, 42 credits in education coursework is required. Additionally, in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, students must satisfactorily complete PRAXIS I & II and required visual arts coursework. More about the Education program »

Woodland Art Gallery

Art on display at Woodland Art Gallery

The Chatham University Art Gallery, located in Woodland Hall on the University Quad, is a vibrant space for students to exhibit their tutorial work. The Chatham gallery exhibits artwork by international, national and local artists.

Olkes Collection

Chatham alumna, Dr. Cheryl Olkes, bequeathed a magnificent collection of more than 600 works of African art to Chatham University. Today, Chatham students have the opportunity to use this collection for study, exhibition and better understanding of African art and culture by examining, researching, and writing about these tangible "points of contact" between African artists and the communities these works impact. Cheryl Olkes graduated from Chatham College in 1970 with a B.A. in English. She received an M.A. in Journalism from Ohio State University in 1971, and a Ph.D. in Communications from University of Texas, Austin in 1978.