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Senior Tutorial

Chatham University Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management

In addition to courses and internships, students have the opportunity to conduct research in the fine arts, media arts, and performing arts through the Senior Tutorial. The tutorial is the capstone of a Chatham education. This year-long independent research and portfolio project is conducted in collaboration with a faculty member during the senior year. Chatham is one of the few universities across the country that offers such a program.

The tutorial must explore an issue that combines the student's field of artistic interest within an Arts Management context. Recent Arts Management tutorials include:

  • Catherine Duncan, Reduced to Caricature: Visual Stereotypes of Irish Immigrants, 1850-1885
  • Michelle Halabura, Hanging an Antagonist: Provocation through Curation
  • Mary McMahon, Waking the Sleeping Giant: Utilizing Rural Cemeteries for their Educational Value
  • Sarah Antonich, Constructing An Arts Organization: Answers for Pittsburgh’s Arts Managers
  • Emily Mielnik, Preparing an Art Museum Exhibition: David Hockney’s Double Portraits

If you want to study arts management while pursuing other academic and intellectual interests, you’ll find no better place than the Art, Design and Communication Center – it's an ideal environment for intellectual, creative, and personal growth.