2019-2020 Course Catalog

Academic Credit

A credit hour is the unit of academic credit for all courses. One credit hour is the equivalent of one semester hour. Credit hour graduation requirements are specified by each degree program.

Basic Formula for calculating Credit Hours

The Pennsylvania Department of Education State regulations indicate the following:

One college semester credit is defined as 14 hours of classroom instruction. A three-credit semester based course would need to meet for 42 hours or rigorous college classroom instruction over the semester. The academic requirements the hours of classroom instruction cannot be calculated to include exams (i.e., final exams). A typical semester course meets for 14 weeks of instruction, after which the final may be given in the 15th week.

In alignment with this regulation, Chatham University has adopted the Credit Hour as the unit measure of instruction for awarding credit. Therefore, a credit hour is equivalent to one hour of classroom instruction (50 minutes) with a normal expectation of two hours of outside study for each class session.

Chatham also adheres to the Federal standard of total expectation of total learning hours in a semester regardless of the time frame for delivery.