2019-2020 Course Catalog

Academic Forgiveness - Undergraduate

Undergraduate students who have returned to the University after an absence of at least two consecutive academic years have the option of applying for academic forgiveness to the Office of Academic Affairs through the appropriate academic dean. Individual applications are reviewed, and may or may not be approved. If approved, this one-time opportunity allows students to request that up to 15 credits of grades received previously at Chatham where the student earned a "D" or "F" be removed from their cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation. Students will be eligible to apply for Academic Forgiveness after they have returned to Chatham and completed a minimum of 24 graded credits maintaining a GPA of at least 2.75. Credits received for the forgiven courses will be retained; the grades will remain on the transcript, but the grades will no longer be calculated in the cumulative GPA. If this option is exercised, a minimum of 45 graded credits for graduation must be completed at Chatham University after the student's return to active status.