2019-2020 Course Catalog

Academic Integrity Policy

As an institution, Chatham University expects all members of its community to hold themselves to the highest standards of academic and personal integrity in living, working and studying together. As a member of this community, students agree to abide by the Honor Code, take responsibility for their actions and to be held accountable for the impact and consequences these actions have on themselves and others.

Academic misconduct is a serious and significant violation of the Honor Code which undermines its tenets of intellectual independence, consideration for the rights and wellbeing of others, honesty in all relationships, and personal integrity.

To uphold the tenets of the Honor Code it is necessary to establish standards around academic integrity to ensure that the pursuit of knowledge at the University adheres to the principles of academic honesty and provides guidance for evaluating the quality of student work in a fair manner.

The policy outlines the academic integrity process at Chatham University including those processes to identify, report, and adjudicate acts of academic misconduct by students within all academic pursuits at the University. The full policy can be found here.