2019-2020 Course Catalog

General Education and Mission Courses

Chatham University's General Education curriculum provides courses that cumulatively impart the broad skills needed to be World Ready Students and immerse students in Chatham's mission initiatives: Engagement and Responsibility, Sustainability and the Environment, and International and Global Understanding.

To be able to adapt to changing circumstances, students must be able to learn, investigate, analyze, and make reasonable and ethical choices. This is learned by building knowledge and skills in broad areas that will give students a basis of understanding that they will use to deal with problems and situations they encounter throughout their lives. Chatham's General Education program teaches students to learn how to know when they need additional information; find and evaluate that information; assimilate the information within the context of a problem or situation; combine the information with other knowledge and perspectives; and act upon it in ways that are ethical and beneficial to the whole.

The following perspectives are reinforced throughout the General Education curriculum:

  • The intellectual habits of writing, oral communication, information literacy, and online communication;
  • Cross-disciplinary understanding as a foundation for collaborative work;
  • Knowledge of experiences and contributions of people of different genders;
  • Knowledge of the natural environment, the principles of sustainability, and our place in global ecosystems;
  • A general understanding of and appreciation for international places, cultures, arts, and people that enrich our lives;
  • Acquisition of the characteristics of a World Ready Student, including preparation for the workplace and the skills necessary to be a life-long learner.